Antiquus – Ramayana (2005)

Antiquus – Ramayana (2005)

1. Empire Rising
2. The Changeling
3. Tanlin Bridge
4. Battle Of Eylau
Ramayana: An Epic In Six Parts
5. Part I – Ayodha
6. Part II – A Beautiful Stag
7. Part III – The Hunt
8. Part IV – Hanuman
9. Part V – Sri Lanka
10. Part VI – He Who Makes The Universe Scream

Antiquus is a Power/Progressive Metal band from Vancouver that I found on CD Baby. When it comes to Power or Progressive Metal, people in the Metal community either love it or hate it, there is no in between. If you can’t get into subjects dealing with Fantasy (dragons, quests, wizards, et al), then this type of Metal isn’t for you. There also tends to be a song or 2 that are way too long (8-10+ mins) and there are a couple here, so beware if you like your tunes short & sweet.

I’ve only given this album a few spins so I haven’t been able to really analyze it. My initial reaction 2 fists up! This band has major chops, these guys can play. The guitars are in your face and there are SOLOS! Something extremely lacking in today’s popular music. The vocals seem pushed a slightly back in the mix but that is a small gripe. I like the fact that they dare to be different and they bring in the sitar, adding that Middle Eastern flavor to Sri Lanka.

This is Power/Prog but not by the numbers, it sounds fresh. Go check it out!

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