Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny Of Souls (2005)

Bruce Dickinson – Tyranny Of Souls (2005)

1. Mars Within (Intro)
2. Abduction
3. Soul Intruders
4. Kill Devil Hill
5. Navigate The Seas Of The Sun
6. River Of No Return
7. Power Of The Sun
8. Devil On A Hog
9. Believil
10. A Tyranny Of Souls

Anyone who has followed Heavy Metal in the last 20 years knows who Bruce Dickinson is: lead singer for one of the pioneers of the NWOBHM, and one of the most innovative bands in Heavy Metal, Iron Maiden. Bruce has had a solo career for some time now (since 1990) & Tyranny Of Souls is his 9th solo release.

This album would have been my top album of 2005 if Judas Priest didn’t release their reunion album, Angel Of Retribution (another post for another day). I thought it would be tough to beat 1998’s The Chemical Wedding but the team of Dickinson & guitarist/producer extraordinaire Roy Z bring some strong material to the table. Tracks like Soul Intruders, River Of No Return, A Tyranny Of Souls all sound like they could have fit nicely on any Iron Maiden album since the reunion. Actually, Bruce does Iron Maiden better on his solo records than Iron Maiden does lately, IMO. Fave track on this album is Navigate The Seas Of The Sun, Bruce showing his lighter side and ’70s roots. For me the acoustic guitar guiding this song is absolute perfection, allowing Bruce to just sing and not be the “Air Raid Siren” as he has been aptly named.

Many Metal scribes had this in their Top 10 of 2005 and it is well deserved. I put this at #2, behind Priest’s reunion opus and ahead of Alice Cooper – Dirty Diamonds.

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