Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep (2005)

Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep (2005)

1. Money Talks
2. Girls Like That
3. Wrong Man
4. Rapture Of The Deep
5. Clearly Quite Absurd
6. Don’t Let Go
7. Back To Back
8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
9. MTV
10. Junkyard Blues
11. Before Time Began

Deep Purple are one of the pioneers of this thing we call Heavy Metal. For 37 years now, Deep Purple has been churning out album after album and grinding out tour after tour. Hot on the heels of 2003’s solid release, Bananas, and subsequent world tour, Purple has released a grand album with Rapture Of The Deep.

I can describe this album in one word: smooth.

Whether its Ian Gillan’s vocal delivery, Steve Morse’s guitar, the backbone of Roger Glover (bass) & Ian Paice (drums), or Don Airey’s Hammond Organ, Purple effortlessly puts an album together of instant classics that rival the glory days of In Rock or Machine Head. Seems like time goes by but Deep Purple just keeps plying their craft without any care for the current state of the industry.

Fave tracks on this album include: Girls Like That, Clearly Quite Absurd, Don’t Let Go, Back To Back. Actually, this album is solid through and through, not one weak song among the lot. Another album that made my Top 5 of 2005.

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