To iPod, or not to iPod

I’m usually behind the times when it comes to technology:
I kept buying cassettes when CDs started to turn the corner in the mid-80s.
I didn’t have Internet access (or a computer) until the Fall of 1998.
DVDs came and I was still using a VCR and VHS.
My computer was out of date with no CD/DVD burner. I bought a new one.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a CD collector. My collection is not the biggest by far but it’s big for me. Every CD was a calculated purchase and each has been listened to. For me, the idea of downloading an album over the Net is heinous. I am a staunch supporter of buying the CD and supporting the artist/band. The legalities of Napster, et al, was something I watched closely while clinging to my silver discs…..agreeing that downloading an album, or songs, without paying is wrong. Even burning a CDR is bothersome: where is the artwork, the liner notes, the “real” CD? As a collector, this bothered me. I use my burner to make mix CDs like we used to do with blank cassettes.

Then came the iPod…..

What an invention! Apple has set the world on it’s collective ear and changed the Music industry as we know it. Did you know that Apple sold over 32 million iPods in 2005? That is a clear signal that the music format is changing rapidly: vinyl to cassette to CD to digital.

I didn’t cave, I held out until March 2005 and bought an MP3 player, a Dell DJ 30.

Now why didn’t I buy an iPod? Why didn’t I follow the lead?

Simple…..PRICE! The Dell DJ 30 is the same thing as an iPod 30 or 60, just half the price. Same capacity, 15,000 songs. Same specs (I’m not going to list tech jargon) when I compared them side to side. Same sound. As a skeptic, I also didn’t want to be stuck with a $500+ gizmo that I didn’t like or didn’t work properly.

I work 3rd shift. Radios and CD players are necessary to make the time go by. I buy lots of CDs so I would take some new purchases to work, pop them in my portable CD player, and pass the time behind some headphones. My Dell DJ has revolutionized how I listen to music. I added all my KISS albums. Then I loaded all my Saxon, my UFO, and Black Sabbath. Easily 60 CDs in one small package. So I started to load all of the recent purchases. Why carry all those CDs when I don’t have to?

The first play and I was hooked. I selected KISS, pressed Shuffle, and off I went into another world. It was like having a CD changer in my head. KISS’ entire recorded works were in my back pocket!

I’m up to 106 albums (1147 tracks) and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Will I fill it? Not sure. I delete the newer albums as I get bored with them and I’ll continue to put full discographies of bands I love on it. It’s just a handy way to transport albums, and have a great selection, without lugging CDs around. It saves time and prevents the CDs from damage.

Click here for more info on the Dell DJ line of MP3 players

One comment on “To iPod, or not to iPod

  1. My problem is that I have over a terrabyte of downloads and rips that I should narrow down to 100 max.

    When in a hurry, I never know what to throw onto my mp3-player.

    I’m such an indecisive fellow.


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