Alice Cooper – Constrictor (1986)

Alice Cooper – Constrictor (1986)

1. Teenage Frankenstein
2. Give It Up
3. Thrill My Gorilla
4. Life And Death Of The Party
5. Simple Disobedience
6. The World Needs Guts
7. Trick Bag
8. Crawlin’
9. The Great American Success Story
10. He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask) – (theme from the Motion Picture: “Friday The 13th Part VI: Jason Lives”)

Alice Cooper needs no introduction…..but this album does. To many fans, this album is either love it or hate it, a cult classic (like the movie!) or dismissed as trash (the name of Alice’s 1989 major “comeback”). A few good tunes on this one: Teenage Frankenstein, He’s Back, Thrill My Gorilla but this album does suffer from a really clean production and major keyboards. Typical 1986. The original version of He’s Back can be found on the Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper box set. I like this album (was a high school fave back in the day) and Trash from Alice’s ’80s releases. Nostalgia aside, I prefer ’70s Alice. This forgotten album is worth checking out.

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