D.C. Cooper – s/t (1999)

D.C. Cooper – s/t (1999)

1. Dream
2. Easy Living
3. The Angel Comes
4. Until The End
5. Within Yourself
6. Three Generations
7. Chained
8. Freedom
9. Take Me In
10. Forgive Me
11. Whisper
12. The Union

D.C. Cooper is one of the best voices in Melodic Metal today. Actually, D.C. has been plying his craft since the 1990s and his unique blend of power and melody has garnered him accolades from peers and fans alike. After becoming a finalist to fill Rob Halford’s boots in Judas Priest, D.C. went on to perform with Danish Power/Progressive Metal band Royal Hunt.

This self-titled classic brings Cooper’s strong Hard Rock delivery in your face with the backing of most of Pink Cream 69. Tracks like Dream, Easy Living, and Within Yourself showcase Cooper’s full Metal range, the vocals full of power and range. Ballads Until The End and Freedom just soar high, D.C. bringing melody and power in a “delicate” package.

Released in 1999…..turn the calendar back a decade and this solo effort is at the top of the charts!

For all things D.C. Cooper, go here and check out all of D.C.’s post-Royal Hunt work.

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