New year, old promises

Right after Christmas, I usually make a list of things I’d like to accomplish, your typical New Year’s resolutions. Everyone reading this has done this in some form but how many of us have actually come through? If you have, congrats! You have more balls than me! That’s what it takes to change your life…..BALLS! Whether it’s losing weight, tackling debt, or saving money, it takes major sack to put an end to old habits and start fresh.

Back to my list.
Last year it was simple: lose 50 lbs, save at least $10,000 ($200/week), eliminate my credit card debt, buy a house, and be a better person (not that I’m a bad one). Some lofty goals!

Scoreboard – I lost 3 lbs, saved zilch, spent $2500 on credit cards, and never bought a house. I would like to think that I became a better person but that is subject to debate depending on who you talk to, LOL!

This year, I decided to wait a couple of weeks and think of a list I can start in February. January doesn’t work for resolutions, you have a Holiday hangover going with bills, food & drink, decorations, etc. you just don’t have time. You’re playing catch up, you blew your wad during the holidays and you need some down time before you can get serious again.

This year’s list:
1. Exercise (not lose weight) – If I can exercise regularly, the weight will come off. Maybe not exercise everyday, time doesn’t allow that in my world.

2. Cut down on fast food – If I can cut down on the Taco Bell and Steak subs, the weight will come off and the wallet might be fuller longer.

3. Save $100/week – This I CAN do. Last year I put $200 a week away in savings but I tapped it a few times before I put it in. Once that happened, I tried to catch up by putting in more than $200, making life harder a couple of weeks later. $100 is more realistic but I’m going to do it differently: instead of saving $100/week I’m going to take that amount off my tax return and stick it in an account that I can’t access unless I have to physically go into the bank. There’s nothing worse than going into the bank.

4. Cut credit card debt – My debt is debt I’ve had a while. I don’t use the cards but I pay the minimums, that’s just as bad. Once I get that money in the bank, I’m going to take 100 bones a week and slap that on a credit card. Once one is clear, on to the next, and so on. Paying a bill is easier than saving because you have to pay it, you have no choice.

5. Research house buying – I’m not going to kid myself, a house just isn’t going to happen until housing prices come down. I would like to get a better handle on all my options so I can be ready for 2007.

So there it is. If we’re all here in a year, we’ll see how I did.

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