Current playlist

This is what I have been spinning from the growing pile of CDs on my desk:

1. Cans – Beyond The Gates (2004) – basically Hammerfall minus everyone but singer Joacim Cans.

2. Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep (2005) – brilliant release, one of their best since 1987’s The House Of Blue Light.

3. Keel – s/t (1987) – their 4th album, not bad but I prefer 1985’s The Right To Rock and 1986’s The Final Frontier.

4. Primal Fear – Seven Seals (2005) – latest release from the German power metallers, have they made a bad one yet?

5. Schoolboy Crush – Electric Playground (1989) – one of the rare indies from the 1980s, it’s good but I’ve heard it all done before and done better. Will cost you a pretty penny in the collector’s market, between $100-200 USD. I got mine for less than $60.

6. YLD – Window Shopping In Fool’s Paradise (1989) – another ’80s band that came too late. Good album save for the cover of Zep’s ‘Good Times Bad Times’.

The Deep Purple & Primal Fear albums are still getting strong rotation, the rest are being put on the shelf. Not that they are bad albums, they just had enough spins and had no staying power.

Here’s some sites that can elaborate on these bands & releases, both are excellent resources. Heavy Harmonies has links to its sister sites for Metal, Prog, & Christian (CCM) at the top of the page.

Heavy Harmonies
BNR Metal Pages

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