1st shopping trip of the year

I have no idea how I did it but I managed to save the $40 gift card I got for Xmas to Newbury Comics. Well, until last night.

Anyone not familiar with Newbury Comics should know that it is a small New England independent record chain of less than 20 stores. They sell CDs, DVDs, posters, mags, and all sorts of pop culture crap. That said, their CD selection varies by location for new & used: some locations get 5 or 6 copies of new Metal releases, some get 1. Their prices are a couple o’ bucks more than ordering online. If you need that new CD that will never make it to Best Buy/Wal-Mart/Target, this is the place to go in New England. They also send out a weekly newsletter with coupons, new releases, and sale info…very handy.

Back to the trip…..

I went to the North Attleboro, MA store…..10 mins away from home. Like I mentioned above, selection varies at each location. I should have driven the 20 mins to Warwick, RI because they have everything but I was tired and not in the mood for the highway. And that is the sign you are a true Rhode Islander, when everything is within 20 mins and that is way too long! Newbury North Attleboro is OK, I can usually get the new releases there…if I go as the store opens on Tuesday mornings. Usually, Newbury N.A. gets 1 or 2 copies of that new Metal title, or import CD, so you better get there early!

I already knew what I wanted to buy by looking at the newsletter for this week:
1. Nocturnal Rites – Grand Illusion (2005) – $9.99
2. Ace Frehley – Greatest Hits Live (2005) – $15.99
3. Deep Purple – Live in California ’74 DVD – $12.88
I figure I’ll go in, grab these right away, and shop. These 3 selections take care of the gift card but there is still money to be spent!

Got shut out of the Nocturnal Rites CD, they had 1 copy and they weren’t able to tell me when they would re-stock it. They called Warwick, where they had multiple copies…..figures!

The Ace Frehley CD was a re-hash of live material on previous releases, looks like Megaforce Records is cashing in again! For $16, I left it in the rack.

The Deep Purple DVD was 8 songs and some extras. Not bad for $13 but the 2 copies they stocked had cracked cases. I stay away from new releases with damaged packaging, I’ll get it later online.

So I got shutout on my list but I continued on! I scoured the Bargain Bin, the Used racks, the regular Rock/Metal section, the Sale section, and the Staff Selections. 1st problem was that I neglected to bring my want list so I had to really comb the racks. I was lucky to find some CDs in the Used section that fill in some holes:

Doro – Force Majeure (1989) – $9
Doro – Fight (2002) – $9
Whitesnake – Live…In The Heart Of The City (1980) – $8
Whitesnake – Come An’ Get It (1981) – $8

I then came across a new release I had on my list:

Night Ranger – Hits, Acoustic, & Rarities (2005) – $13

My total was around $49, minus the $40 gift card = $9.
5 CDs for $9, not bad, but still shutout for what I really wanted.

In my quest to save $$$$, and further the diversity of my collection, I will be heading to the Warwick, RI location this weekend, after a quick stop in North Attleboro again to check. Hell! Warwick is 20 mins away!

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