The “Sick In Bed” playlist

I’ve been out of commission for a few days now because I’ve been sick. I’ll spare you the details but I pulled my back at work, caught the flu, and got out of the ER last night with a throat that was swelling shut.

Extra sleep, Madden 06, and a decent playlist goes hand in hand with antibiotics and a heatpad……

Nocturnal Rites – Grand Illusion (2006)
Picked this up for $9.99 and have been enjoying this since I grabbed it Thursday.

Night Ranger – Hits, Acoustic & Rarities (2005)
Picked this up for $12.99 Wednesday. A nice take on some old classics but this doesn’t have staying power. Don’t get me wrong, Night Ranger is a great band, but they need a new album of new material.

Billy Joel – various albums
A true music fan always branches out and enjoys different styles other than their favorite. Billy Joel may be far from Nocturnal Rites but the guy has great songs. The best songs always come from just observing life, Billy takes his life experiences from the 60s/70s/80s and pours them out of the piano. No matter what, a band will have staying power based on the songs, Billy Joel crafts memorable tunes. Bottom line.

Skid Row – Thickskin (2003)
A Bach-less Skid Row employs Johnny Solinger at the mic now. A more aggressive album, IMO. It’s decent, not bad….but not great. Saw these guys 4 times on tour with KISS so I knew what I was getting. Not bad for $5 used.

Within Temptation – Enter (1997)
I believe this is Within Temptation’s debut album. Just goes to show you that female-fronted gothic/operatic/atmospheric Metal was being done a lot better way before the Evanescence phenom hit U.S. airwaves. This is getting more spins after I’m back on my feet. Powerful vocals and well played instruments, 2 horns up!

Today’s Moldy Oldie:

Def Leppard – On Through The Night (1980)
Now this is moldy!
Everyone remembers Def Leppard for the 80s power pop and the Hair Metal anthems but I remember the Leps as a young hungry band throwing themselves into the ring of the upstart NWOBHM movement. The debut is raw, hungry, in your face. Fave tracks here: ‘Rock Brigade’, ‘Wasted’, and ‘Rocks Off’. Makes me want to track down all the old demos and B-sides because the guys packed a punch back in the day.

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