Malice – In The Beginning (1985)

Malice – In The Beginning (1985)

1. Rockin’ With You
2. Into The Ground
3. Air Attack
4. Stellar Master
5. Tarot Dealer
6. Squeeze It Dry
7. Hellrider
8. No Haven For The Raven
9. The Unwanted
10. Godz Of Thunder

You would think that with all the new CDs I bought in the last week that I would want to give them a spin. But I can’t…..this is MALICE!

Malice was featured on a couple of the famous Metal Massacre compilations on Metal Blade Records back in the early ’80s. The band then signed up with Atlantic to release this fine gem of an album in 1985 (followed by 1987’s License To Kill and 1989’s Crazy In The Night E.P.). I remember reading the Rock mags and seeing that Malice was poised for stardom based on their Judas Priest brand of Heavy Metal. This band had a decent following but got lost in the shuffle of the Glam/MTV Hard Rock movement. Despite being based in Los Angeles (the hotbed of U.S. Metal & Hard Rock), Malice basically disappeared after the 1989 E.P.

In The Beginning is one solid Metal feast. Fave track here is Tarot Dealer but all the songs are solid. Rockin’ With You, Into The Ground, Squeeze It Dry, Hellrider…..all provide healthy portions of loud guitar and Halford-esque vocals. And dig that logo! Nothing was better than the logos back in the ’80s, everyone had one and Malice’s is one of my favorites!

My copy is the Japanese CD pressing but the album was reissued by Wounded Bird last year, as was License To Kill. Very affordable to order thru them…..there’s also a ton on Ebay.

One comment on “Malice – In The Beginning (1985)

  1. Hehe hi,this sure is one of those album i found “by mistake” (a good one)
    My neighbour ive suddenly learn to know and found myself in..we are SO alike..comin from usa he met a girl here in sweden (no theyre separated now ofcourse)…pity.
    Anyway one of our yeeha puff-puff-nights he picked out a record he bought on chance in L.A many years ago…guess wich :)
    Though this one got 18 tracks with highlights like Chaingang! chaingang woman dakka-dakka hahaha whooo etc…
    I must say that one and songs like Into the ground,Rockin with you is my favs.
    ANYWAY,yes partly its very Judas Priest something i growup on amongst cooper,kiss,sabbath,saxon,accept,Lizzy,punk etc.. recommend this album i do!
    Ill also push for a album i myself stumbled on like -1981 ,also lil behind the “big” bands,but ill still consider it maybe so good its the hardrock album of alltime: RIOT – “Fire Down Under” take it from me…”outlaw” feel the same…allmost every song is tottally rockin!
    To push a Great band from sweden i think you should try out “Mustasch” also take that one from me ;) anyone wanna comment puke on me or kiss me thanks: or hanslundell on f-facebook

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