Jaded – self-titled (2006)

Jaded – self-titled (2006)

1. Get Up
2. Jet Car
3. Fire
4. Tragic
5. I Like It
6. Talk Too Much
7. We’ll Be Strong
8. Fever
9. One On One
10. Knock It Back

Jaded offical website

I’ll admit that the first impression you get when you look at the album cover is: “Whoa! Hot Metal chicks!” Put the CD one and you find out that these “hot Metal chicks” can Rock with the best of them.

Hailing from Boston, MA, Jaded are a staple of the New England Rock scene. They have opened up for the likes of Tesla, Skid Row, W.A.S.P., Lacuna Coil, and Shadows Fall. These power-packed women are currently making a name for themselves internationally with their self-titled debut album. A touch of Hard Rock mixed with traditional Metal stylings…..makes me yearn for the hungry days of early Motley Crue, Doro Pesch/Warlock, and Phantom Blue. Add a touch of Judas Priest heaviness and a splash of Vixen, mix well, and you get a new all-female Metal assault.

So are they straight Metal or Hard Rock? Both…..and that’s damn good!

Julie Steel provides great vocals around Abbey Dragon’s (Bass) and Hillary Blaze’s (Drums) solid foundation. What really strikes me, what makes me stand up and take notice, is Britt Lightning’s shredding Lead Guitar attack. She is pure Metal! Her riffs just take hold of the listener and her solos shred you ears.

I just got this CD Tuesday (direct from the band = $12) so I haven’t had too much time with this CD. After the few spins I’ve given it, I’ve liked what I’ve heard. Go check this band out!

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