UFO – Force It (1975)

UFO – Force It (1975)

1. Let It Roll
2. Shoot Shoot
3. High Flyer
4. Love Lost Love
5. Out In The Street
6. Mother Mary
7. Too Much Of Nothing
8. Dance Your Life Away
9. This Kid’s including Between The Walls

UFO official website
UFO unofficial website by Dave Wood
Strangers In The Night (SITN) by Battty

Another absolute classic that I haven’t listened to in a long time. UFO is one of my favorite bands but I never seem to play their albums lately as much as I used to.

Force It spawns 5 major concert faves: Let It Roll, Shoot Shoot, Out In The Street, Mother Mary, and This Kid’s. All of them showing up on the band’s signature live album, Strangers In The Night. Being the second offering of the Mogg/Way/Schenker/Parker classic lineup, it shows a band finding it’s groove, honing it’s craft. Phil Mogg’s bluesy vocals and Michael Schenker’s fluid guitar assault a perfect match. Personal fave track here is Love Lost Love with Out In The Street a close second.

A note on the album cover: It was banned in many countries due to the explicit (for the time) depiction of the couple. Seems very tame for 2006, doesn’t it? Also, the obvious play on words “Force It” and “faucet”. Kudos to Hipgnosis for the creative design because intelligent people today, in 2006, still don’t get it.

3 comments on “UFO – Force It (1975)

  1. Just pulled out my old vinyl when I read this. It’s spinning now. Man, I haven’t heard this one since, err, the early 80s? I never got myself the CD. The vocals are great. I used to be a huge Schenker fan way back when. Too lazy to look now, but I kept the LPs. As far as I recall, I used to listen to the double-live LP a lot. Was that live in Japan/at the Budokan? My memory sucks. I think there were two live albums that time, one single and one double. I’ll see if I can dig them out later today.

  2. The live album you’re thinking of was the aforementioned Strangers in the Night and as far as I recall it was recorded during both US and European dates. It’s also notable as it was the last album to feature Schenker before he and UFO parted ways, and although it isn’t specifically stated, Paul Chapman, Schenker’s replacement, is credited on the album so it’s possible some of the tracks aren’t Schenker at all. That was the tour where (if you ever followed UFO’s trials and tribulations when Schenker was a member) Michael vanished in the middle of the tour and was eventually found riding his motorcycle down an autobahn back in Germany.

    There were live albums released in both ’72 and ’93 from Japan, but as I’ve never owned either of them I can’t say whether either was recorded at the Budokan. You may be thinking of the MSG album, One Night At Budokan however, which was a single album featuring probably the best MSG lineup, Schenker, Gary Barden on vocal, Chris Glenn on bass, the esteemed Cozy Powell on drums, and former UFO bandmate Paul Raymond on keys and second guitar.

    As far as Force It goes, while it was a classic album (I’m a huge UFO fan….have you guessed that yet? :-P) my personal favorite from the Schenker era was Lights Out….possibly just because it was the first UFO album I ever owned. Overall however, I have to say my absolute favorite was The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent. Chapman wasn’t as hard-edged a writer as Schenker was and he definitely didn’t have Schenker’s knack for interesting modal riffs, but as an overall guitarist he was probably Schenker’s equal (and in what sounds like heresy to me, Schenker worshiper that I’ve always been, maybe a hair better.)

    The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent was far more radio-friendly than the Schenker-era UFO music, not that it helped them any. For whatever reasons US radio almost totally ignored this band except for Too Hot To Handle, Lights Out (both off Lights Out) and very rarely Only You Can Rock Me (from Obsession.) That’s a shame, because these guys wrote great songs, both during and after Schenker. I myself pretty much stopped following them after Paul Chapman left (I didn’t really care for the direction they took on their first album after him,) but with the exception of somewhat disappointing Mechanix album these guys had it, as their popularity in Europe and Japan (and in the US in spite of almost zero radio play) attested to. Well worth a try if you’ve never listened to them.

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    Was it somehow saved or do I need to retype the whole thing?

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