Resin – Truth Be Told (2006)

Resin – Truth Be Told (2006)

1. Song F
2. Not For You
3. Tomorrow
4. For A Reason
5. Feel
6. In The End
7. Innocence
8. Done To Me
9. Lost
10. Down The Line
11. All My Life

Resin official website
Resin’s Myspace page

Nothing is better than discovering a new Rock band thru straight up word of mouth. Bursting out of the Massachusetts Rock scene, Resin is a strong Hard Rock band with influences I detect from: Velvet Revolver, Staind, Godsmack, Nickelback, Saliva, Audioslave…..especially Godsmack. I found out about the band from a co-worker that happens to be the brother of the lead singer. I always support local bands…..they are the future.

Now I don’t usually get into bands that follow trends of the current Rock scene but this band is damn good. The band has a local buzz in the RI/MA area getting some local airplay on 94.1 WHJY & 95.5 WBRU. So far, I’m enjoying Tomorrow and For A Reason the most and the opening track kicks major ass.

Go to the band’s website and Myspace page for more info and tour dates. You can also pick up the CD from CD Baby for $8. It’s worth the $8, trust me.

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