Satan – Court In The Act (1983)

Satan – Court In The Act (1983)

1. Into The Fire
2. Trial By Fire
3. Blades Of Steel
4. No Turning Back
5. Broken Treaties
6. Break Free
7. Hunt You Down
8. The Ritual
9. Dark Side Of Innocence
10. Alone In The Dark

Bonus Tracks:
11. Dynamo
12. Pull The Trigger
13. Break Free (single version)

Released on CD in 1997 on Neat Metal/Roadrunner.

One of the best NWOBHM debuts, IMO. Satan is one of those bands that I think didn’t get their just due. I believe it had to due with the name of the band and the album artwork because this band isn’t about “Satan”. Vocalist Brian Ross left the band to form Blitzkrieg and the rest of the guys changed the name to Blind Fury with new singer Lou Taylor. The Satan moniker came back and was changed again after 1 album to Pariah.

Did you get all that? Confused?

I’ve been after this CD for quite some time. Saw it in the local shop for $15 back around the album’s CD release but I passed. Never saw another copy. The prices on Ebay vary: $75+ for the Japanese issue – $30+ for this issue. If you like Traditional Metal from the early 80s/NWOBHM, pick this up.

Fave tracks here: All (this is a classic album)

7 comments on “Satan – Court In The Act (1983)

  1. I totally agree with you, dude! This one of my all time favorite albums! I bought it in Germany when it first came out. I was in the Military, well, actually still am. I have been searching for a copy for a long time. Just got a download of it off of rapidshare. I agree that the name may have hurt them. They are an awesome metal band. Thanks for the review!!!

  2. I originally had this on cassette back in 1984. I wore it out! I searched for it for almost 20 years before I found this re-issue in ’03. My wife and I took it along on a road-trip, along with our new 8-month old Yellow Labrador puppy… So I just found another copy on e-bay about a month ago. It’s as great now as it was when it first came out!! These guys should have been bigger than Metallica… all because of a name…

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