The Unknown – Big Dreams (1989)

The Unknown – Big Dreams (1989)

1. Can’t Give Up
2. Hey Julie
3. Never Comin’ Back
4. Just Like Him
5. Say It To Me
6. Hold Me
7. Sugar Shack
8. For You

The Unknown reference page at Heavy Harmonies

Nice cover. If I saw this CD in a record store, I’d grab it for the cover. Luckily, I had a friend who had a CDR of this album and he “highly recommended” it. I believe he described it as “White Lion-ish”. Well, I dig White Lion so I figured I put this on my list to acquire. I never got around to getting a dub of that CDR.

If you head to Heavy Harmonies, you’ll see this CD listed on the Ebay Rarities list at around $122 average. It’s an independent release, by an unsigned band, from the glory days of the late ’80s…..I can see how someone might pay through the nose for it looking to score a lost gem. Some of the comments suggest that it IS a lost gem of pure Hard Rock.

I acquired this album last week for half of the going rate. Pleased with my Ebay savvy, I popped this CD in upon it’s arrival, eagerly anticipating this lost treasure.

It’s very light Melodic Hard Rock/AOR. A cross between Great White-lite, White Lion-lite, Bon Jovi-lite, etc. Get the picture? Obviously, I didn’t like it, it bored me. It is Hard Rock but more fluff than balls. None of the songs are memorable, I didn’t like the songwriting at all. The vocals are a cross between Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Mike Tramp (White Lion), and a non-bluesy Jack Russell (Great White) all taken up a bit higher. Now these guys are all cool on their own, add them together and it’s a mess. I played this CD at least 10 times trying to find something I liked, I just couldn’t find anything!

There are reasons why many independent bands didn’t get signed back in the day. Some were in the wrong place at the wrong time, some had bad management, some couldn’t catch a break, and some couldn’t play. Then there are the bands that could play but their material wasn’t up to par…..this is The Unknown – Big Dreams. Avoid paying big bucks on this one. I wish I had gotten that dub from my friend!

2 comments on “The Unknown – Big Dreams (1989)

  1. I scan ebay and the bargain bin at the record store looking for old hard rock/metal stuff hoping to find some gem. It doesn’t happen to off. I don’t pay much for stuff on ebay. I can’t see anything being worth more than $15.00 to me and normally I wouldn’t even go that high for very many releases.

  2. I am usually frugal when it comes to CDs. Normally, I don’t throw big bucks at a CD I’ve never heard but this one was a “luxury”: I had a little money in PAYPAL from selling some used CDs I found at the stores. Unfortunately, the Cd isn’t “luxurious”… sucks.

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