Ted Nugent – Little Miss Dangerous (1986)

Ted Nugent – Little Miss Dangerous (1986)

1. High Heels In Motion
2. Strangers
3. Little Miss Dangerous
4. Savage Dancer
5. Crazy Ladies
6. When Your Body Talks
7. Little Red Book
8. Take Me Away
9. Angry Young Man
10. Painkiller

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Sometimes the memory is better than the real thing. I picked this CD up on the cheap for $6 this past Tuesday. I was so pleased with my purchase that I told all who would listen: my kids, my wife, this blog, some online forums. I was caught up in the memory of my 1st concert: Aerosmith (Done With Mirrors Tour) with Terrible Ted, promoting this album, as opener. It was a great show, my 1st concert experience. The lights went down, Ted jumped over the drums, ran to the mic, and screamed so loud I thought my ears would explode. I was never the same after that.

I played this album and realized that it isn’t as good as I remembered. Ted trades lead vocals with Dave Amato on this album, that’s fine. The trademark guitar is there. The songs about chicks are present.

So what is wrong with this album?

The sleek/slick mid-80s approach, not as aggressive as previous Nuge offerings. A toned-down Nuge: not wild, a bit tame. Keyboards drown the guitar on some tunes and the drums sound awful on others. This is an album on cruise control when Ted is usually out of control.

The best song on this platter is the title track, followed by Crazy Ladies. When Your Body Talks has a great opening riff but it gets lost in the keyboards. Ted wails all over Take Me Away but the song just doesn’t have punch. Angry Young Man is pretty good, I like the guitar.

Maybe the songs were better live?

3 comments on “Ted Nugent – Little Miss Dangerous (1986)

  1. The 70’s were much better for Ted then the 80’s were. Scream Dream in 1980 was his only really good album in the 80’s IMHO. I just got the first Skidrow and Lillian Axe-Poetic Justice out of the bargain bin for $6 a piece yesterday. I was pleased with those.

  2. Congrats on this reviewing getting top SEO. Amazon and a few others beat you. But you were still top 10.

    Like the last poster I got Lillian Axe-Poetic Justice out of the bargan bin. LOL Small E-world.

    We are all just a click away.

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