Ebay Madness: Delirious – Vamp E.P. goes for $311.51

Another crazy auction!

Another band I’ve never heard of, no listing at various websites I frequent. I have to give it to surrf, he is one of the most respected traders/sellers in the AOR/Hard Rock/Metal circles and he gets top dollar. I’ve bought a few CDs from him and I always got an excellent product. Can’t blame the guy for turning a major profit if he can, check out the completed auctions. “Business the American way.”

Where do they find these CDs/bands?

Where do these bidders get the cash? Must have a money tree in the backyard…..

11 comments on “Ebay Madness: Delirious – Vamp E.P. goes for $311.51

  1. At the current exchange rate, $311.51 will get you roughly 13 bottles of good Tanqueray Gin around here.

    That’ll certainly make you delirious in a more speedy and perhaps more efficient manner. :)

    I’m back … for now.


  2. John – Yes I’m serious, that CD went for $311 and I’ve seen others go for $200-$300 before.

    Seeing that you were a band member, I’d be interested in getting to know more about the band. I also wouldn’t mind acquiring a CD but I don’t have $300+ to spend, LOL!

    Thanks for coming by!

  3. I knew the guys in the band well. Hi John. I still have my copy.
    Think I will hang onto it for sentimental reasons though. Unless I get offered a big wad of cash in which case “It’s a deal”

  4. I was their lighting engineer. A great band that should have made it, but for some unknown reason never got the break they deserved. They worked really hard. Shame they are no longer together. I have several copies of the CD – and won’t be parting with them!
    Hi John – long time no see. Currently living in Scotland – now an airline pilot…….unbelievable eh?

  5. I got a copy of the cd back in 1994 and it is really good, but $311 is a little too much. My copy is a very limited edition with 8 songs. The 3 extra tracks are very very good. They are from their earlier release “Too Much is Never Enough” album that was released in 1991. The songs “Heart On Fire” and “Pulserate” are simply fantastic. It sure is amazing what some cd’s will get.

  6. Back in the day i used to go to all the gigs, John will remember Ha Ha.Now the sad bit ,i used to have the cd but no longer and i have no idea where it went .
    Maybe it was the one that ended on Ebay!!! If only..

  7. Yeah I know who they are as they were well crap as half looked like Slade in tight leather pants which was not a good luck when your ass is that big.

    They used to say they were going to be really big and famous but of course never were.

    I reckon the only person who would have paid $311 for this has to be one of ‘the band’ as I can’t see how anyone else would.

    Funny really!!!

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