Missing in action

I’ve been adding CDs from the pile to my CD cases and I noticed a few holes in my collection:

Metallica – Ride The Lightning
Motorhead – Ace Of Spades
AC/DC – Fly On the Wall
Dio – Intermission
Mercyful Fate – Melissa

I know, these are some good albums, what am I thinking? I had these on cassette and I’ve never replaced them with CDs. I sold all my cassettes in one shot to a cassette collector a few years ago but I kept my list of what I had. Slowly, I’ve been able to cross almost all the albums off the list that have been replaced with CDs.

Looks like I’m buying some extra CDs this weekend!

3 comments on “Missing in action

  1. I have the same problem. I know I have Tesla’s Great Radio Controversy on tape, but never bought the CD. Same goes for AIC’s Facelift. Thank God my car has a tape deck and a CD player.

  2. I lost several cds to a 3 month old collie/retriever mix going through teething a couple of years ago(along with a dining room chair), but have yet to replace them. As soon as my mother’s estate is settled, I’m going out and buying replacements.

  3. What’s still missing in my collection is that Motorhead “Live to Hammersmith” (?) LP I once had. On it was that long, extremely loud big fat roadie scream that I always wanted to use as my answering machine message. I need to buy that, desperately. Too many idiots calling me all the time.

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