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Storage is an important part of any collection. It is a combination of presentation, space, function, durability, flexibility, and price. I have spent the better part of the past year researching the best storage options for my growing CD collection. I’ve been putting off buying anything and the CDs I’ve been acquiring have been going into boxes and that’s killing my filing system! So I need help…..

As it stands (literally), my CD collection is housed in three 750 CD displays made by hand by Boston, MA woodworkers, Bostonwood. These display cases have been my only storage option for the price = $125 each. They do the job and they take up only one small wall in our small apartment. The only drawback is that these units sometimes have a flaw in a shelf where you can’t stand the CDs up but you have to lay them down. One of my cases has this flaw on the bottom shelf. We didn’t have a shop class in high school so I wouldn’t know how to fix it. I like these cases because I can get them for a good price locally and they do the job. I’m leaning toward just buying another one.

My dream solution is Can-Am Cabinet. These cabinets are the high end of storage solutions. Steel construction, locking drawers, different colors, and you can add to the set-up. Only problem here is price, they are very expensive.

To save space, I looked into the Jewelsleeve. It’s a nice idea: remove the jewel cases from the equation and house a large collection in a small space. They have very nice cabinets to go along with the sleeves but they look like something I could buy at an office supply store cheaper. My reservations about removing the CD and artwork from the jewel case to a plastic sleeve would be justified if ANY CD of mine was ever damaged. Also, there’s no way to display the collection and the pricing is on par with Can-Am.

So where to from here? A bit of Googling and all sorts of racks, carousels, cases, and sleeves are a click away. Most of the racks/cases are similar to the ones I have now.

Volkher Hofmann at has written a few good articles on the subject of storage and also has some recent pictures of his collection and setup. Very nice!

So what do you all use? Can anyone help me find something?

3 comments on “Storage solutions

  1. I’m actually having the same issue now. I had a few of the plastic racks that spun, but they’ve now all been broken since I moved this last time. All the racks I see are those wire free standing things or the Jewelsleev things like you mentioned. I have a issure with taking my CD out of the cases. I like to keep them as original as possible. I still have all my CD’s in a box. It sucks!

  2. God, I hate typing a kilometer-long comment in this pop-up window crap and then losing it because I was looking up a word and it popped a window into this one. F*uck!

    Short (new) version:

    The jewel sleeves are a great product, but after testing them out I gave up on them. I’d need more than 5000 and that’s too expensive, no matter what.

    Secondly, it seems as if every second jazz CD I have comes in some sort of non-standard packaging (digipacks and variants plus endless collector’s boxed sets and whatnot). In the end, aesthetics would go down the shute and the whole collection would look like a mortar round hit it.

    Thirdly, I’d like to see what CD I’m looking at. For that, with the sleeves, I’d have to get new furniture and I’m just a poor sod, so I’d rather spend my money on music.

    Besides all of that … you know what I use, so I won’t comment further here.

    Sorry for the swear words. Kind of a bad day today.

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