Blackmore’s Night – The Village Lanterne (2006)

Blackmore’s Night – The Village Lanterne (2006)

1. 25 Years
2. Village Lanterne
3. I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
4. The Messenger (instrumental)
5. World Of Stone
6. Faerie Queen – Faerie Dance
7. St. Teresa
8. Village Dance (instrumental)
9. Mond Tanz / Child In Time
10. Streets Of London
11. Just Call My Name (I’ll Be There)
12. Olde Mill Inn
13. Windmills
14. Street Of Dreams (Candice Night vocal)

Bonus tracks:
15. Call It Love
16. Street Of Dreams (featuring Joe Lynn Turner)
17. All Because Of You (Radio Edit)

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Here is the post from early April where I said I wouldn’t buy this album:
Blackmore’s Night also released a new one but I’m done with the Medieval music. I have the 1st 3, they’re good for a change of pace but I would rather Ritchie do some ROCK music. (Vicious Steve – 4/4/06)

I caved at the $9.99 price tag, the online reviews saying that Mr. Blackmore had found his Strat, the remake of ‘Street Of Dreams’ with Joe Lynn Turner, and the rumors of a possible Rainbow reunion with Blackmore/Turner. Why don’t I listen to my gut feeling? I usually do but all the factors pushed common sense aside.

Continuing in the tradition of Blackmore’s Night albums, The Village Lanterne is Renaissance music, peppered with some electric guitar, and Candice Night’s vocal stylings. If you’ve heard the first few offerings from Blackmore’s Night, then you’ve heard this all before. I’ll describe the music as – interesting, different, grandiose, intricate, beautiful, cheerful, and boring – depending on how much you enjoy these types of medieval offerings.

There are some bright spots:
The playing is flawless. Ritchie is a master of guitar. Anton Figg is a great drummer. Candice Night has a good singing voice. The strings, keyboards, violin are all extremely well done.

I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore has an upbeat tempo and plenty of Ritchie’s electric guitar. The Messenger is a fine acoustic instrumental by the Minstrel Blackmore. The re-working of Joan Osborne’s St. Teresa is another electric guitar showcase with wonderfully layered keyboards. Just Call My Name has a great Blackmore solo at the end.

There are the 2 versions of the Rainbow classic, Street Of Dreams – the Candice Night version and then the duet with Joe Lynn Turner. The song is Renaissanced up in both versions and Candice’s vocal is good but I just don’t like it. It’s good to hear Joe but he’s a bit laid back on this version…..we all know Joe can still belt this tune out! Good solo by Ritchie.

Mond Tanz/Child In Time is just plain bad and All Because Of You gives off a “dance remix” vibe…..again, bad. The rest of the songs just aren’t memorable, they sound like the rest of the lot from previous albums but not as “medieval”. It’s as if the music is starting to become redundant and maybe a change of direction is in the air? Let’s hope so!

Bottom line: Avoid and hope for a Rainbow reunion with Turner, unless you really, really, really, really like previous Blackmore’s Night albums.

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