Career Review: Buckcherry

Buckcherry – s/t (1999)

1. Lit Up
2. Crushed
3. Dead Again
4. Check Your Head
5. Dirty Mind
6. For The Movies
7. Lawless And LuLu
8. Related
9. Borderline
10. Get Back
11. Baby
12. Drink The Water

Buckcherry was a band I started to hear serious buzz about back in early 1998 when I first connected to the Internet. When their debut album dropped in early 1999, I picked it up right away and was blown apart. Lead single Lit Up got major airplay in the RI/MA market. This debut turned into one of my favorite albums and an instant classic.

Add Guns’n Roses, Aerosmith, and AC/DC and that’s the Buckcherry sound. We’re talking basic guitar driven Hard Rock: chunky riffs, actual guitar solos, lyrics about sex/drugs/alcohol/rockin’, and melody. I swear I thought this band would be the next GNR, the next band to make that landmark album, setting the industry ablaze. It was a raw, street type sound: chugging guitars and a raspy/screaming vocal with a sense of groove and punch. Even though the debut went Gold, and the band toured relentlessly, they didn’t set the industry ablaze like Guns did.

A solid album, my fave tracks here are Lit Up, rock chugger Dead Again, the ballad For The Movies, and Lawless And Lulu.

Buckcherry – Time Bomb (2001)

1. Frontside
2. Ridin’
3. Time Bomb
4. Porno Star
5. Place In The Sun
6. (Segue) Helpless
7. Underneath
8. Slit My Wrists
9. Whiskey In The Morning
10. You
11. Slammin’
12. Fall

Another solid album! Buckcherry’s sophomore effort keeps to the same formula as the debut: sex, drugs, and Rock’n’Roll with heavy guitar, melody, and gutter vocals. Lead single Ridin’ is a clone of the previous lead single, Lit Up, but it still does what a good song should do: keep the listener listening! Strong songs all around: opening rocker Frontside, Ridin’, and Porno Star are all highlights for me.

Ridin’ got radio airplay and MTV put the video in heavy rotation. (The video was crap. A car with a bunch of hot chicks is fine, but the dance singer Josh Todd was doing was comical. Buckcherry and dancing don’t mix, Buckcherry and kick ass partying does!) I saw these guys open for AC/DC on the STIFF UPPER LIP tour in Boston, MA…..the band was smoking! Unfortunately, despite the good press, MTV, and AC/DC, Time Bomb struggled to get to 250,000 copies sold. I guess you could say it bombed!

Buckcherry got dropped by their label, Dreamworks. Internal problems caused the band to split. Singer Josh Todd released a solo album, You Made Me, in January 2004.

Buckcherry – 15 (2006)

1. So Far
2. Next To You
3. Out Of Line
4. Everything
5. Carousel
6. Sorry
7. Crazy Bitch
8. Onset
9. Sunshine
10. Brooklyn
11. Broken Glass

It’s 5 years after the Time Bomb album and Buckcherry slams down another slab of pure Hard Rock with 15. The formula hasn’t changed and neither has the songwriting. Some would consider it boring and it’s almost a death knell for an album to contain songs about partying and sex but I find it refreshing in today’s watered down safe Rock radio.

Lead single this time around is Crazy Bitch and is getting radio play here in New England like the previous lead singles. It’s got a catchy lyric and a groove that you remember. Other faves so far are the lead track So Far, Everything, Crazy Bitch, and Carousel.

This album was released on a small label, Eleven Seven Music, but the band was recently picked up by Atlantic in partnership with Eleven Seven.

For more info on Buckcherry, head over to their official website.

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