Ebay Madness: Laurence Archer and Hurricane

Lawrence Archer – LA (1986) CD goes for $777.77

This is a rare CD, no question. Very big in collector’s circles. The last time this Laurence Archer disc was offered on Ebay was about a year ago. At that time, it fetched $1000 USD with a BUY IT NOW. Seems the market is down right now!

Hurricane – Take What You Want (1985) CD tops at $154!

I’m going to gloat…..I just acquired this CD for $1 thru a trade on LaLa. There are 2 versions of this disc: the U.S. version pictured here and the Japanese with 3 bonus tracks. Usually the Japanese release goes higher.

Maybe this winner should have waited?

Same CD 2 days later
Japanese version at a bargain 6 days later

4 comments on “Ebay Madness: Laurence Archer and Hurricane

  1. I can get 5 cassettes, still sealed, for $4 each at one of the shops in Pawtucket. It’s a shame that the Hurricane catalog is on Enigma Records and won’t be reissued in the future. This is a band that needs to reissue their albums, the demand for all 3 is so high.

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