Jack Russell – For You (2002)

Jack Russell – For You (2002, Knight Records)

1. Any Kinda Love
2. What Ever It Takes
3. Always
4. Don’t Know Why
5. For You
6. The Best Is Yet To Come
7. Where The Wind Don’t Blow
8. Paradise
9. No Time Left
10. If Not For Love
11. My Everything

Jack Russell’s official website to be re-opened soon!

In 2001, Jack Russell put his band, Great White, on hiatus after the comeback album, Can’t Get There From Here (1999, Portrait) met with dismal sales, and an opening slot on the Poison Reunion Tour failed to rejuvenate the band on the touring circuit. Russell decided it was time to do something different, he needed to express a different side of his musical life. The result? His second solo album, For You.

One listen to this album and you immeadiately realize this isn’t a Great White album disguised as a solo effort. While Jack’s voice will always be synonymous with the Great White sound, this album is a departure from the trademark Blues-tinged Hard Rock that made him famous. This album is more AOR than Hard Rock, maybe even a bit Pop. It’s a lighter side of Jack Russell: mostly mid-tempo songs and soft ballads, no real rockers here. The songwriting is introspective and takes a positive look toward the future, no doubt a result of a new found sobriety at the time.

Fave tracks on this offering: the upbeat Any Kinda Love and The Best Is Yet To Come (both could have been on Great White’s 1994 album, Sail Away) and the ballads No Time Left and My Everything.

This album has been reissued in 2006 by Sidewinder Music (the label behind all those VH-1 Stripped albums) and you can read a current interview with Jack at Classic Rock Revisited.

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