Hurricane – Take What You Want (1985)

Hurricane – Take What You Want (1985, Enigma)

1. Take Me In Your Arms
2. The Girls Are Out Tonight
3. Take What You Want
4. Hurricane
5. It’s Only Heaven
6. Hot And Heavy
7. La Luna (Non-LP/CD only bonus track)

Hurricane band page at Heavy

Back in 1985, I remember the hype for Hurricane centered around the fact that Robert Sarzo (guitars) and Tony Cavazo (bass) had some famous brothers in a band called Quiet Riot. Fortunately for Sarzo and Cavazo, the hype after this E.P. came out was that Hurricane was more talented than Quiet Riot!

Highlight of this album is the vocal performance of Kelly Hansen who is, to this day, one of the best Melodic Hard Rock singers in the business. The axework on this album is also top-notch. Sarzo blisters away on all tracks with some great leads and solos. Rhythm section is nice and tight.

All the songs here are strong. Very melodic. It was released in 1985 so think of the MTV Hard Rock faves back then and you get the idea, it’s just that Hurricane is a cut above half of them. Fave tracks: Take Me In Your Arms, Take What You Want, and It’s Only Heaven. The whole album is good.

The question here is: Is this album worth $150+ at auction?

There is a Japanese version with 3 bonus tracks that’s as rare as the U.S. and usually goes for more in collector’s markets.

2 comments on “Hurricane – Take What You Want (1985)

  1. Hurricane were definitely better than Quiet Riot. Although I just thought they were decent at best. A little too serious maybe. I remember when Stryper came around here on the To hell with the devil tour that Hurricane were the opener. I didn’t go to it, but I remember hearing that. I always wondered if it was awkward for a regular rock band to have to open for a christain rock band?

  2. i think that their music includes strong emotions that only in 80s you were able to find.bands like hurricane,lion,icon e.t.c left behind a huge treasure to remind to us how simple was to have fun…once upon a time.

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