Reunion rumors again…..

Metal Sludge has an inside “source” that is confirming a BIG reunion of a popular ’80s band. Read the updates here.

So which band is it?

When I read the article I immeadiately thought of RATT. They have the most “action” right now: Stephen Pearcy is still very active while his former bandmates aren’t, the VH-1 Behind The Music just aired, and Jizzy Pearl, John Corabi, and Robbie Crane are all focusing on other projects. Are the stars aligned? If so, it’s too little too late. I saw RATT open for the Poison reunion tour in 1999. They were signed to Portrait and released a self-titled album AND they scored the number two slot on what became a major tour (eventually an annual Summer tour). They dissolved again and lost major momentum. IMO, I think they could have scored a few more opening slots for Poison on future tours and made decent cash…..almost every ’80s second-tier band has opened for Poison.

How about Skid Row? Not happening. Sebastian Bach is is busy promoting VH-1’s SuperGroup and recording a new album. Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan had something to say (as posted on

“Once and for all we are not getting him (SEBASTIAN BACH) back in the band. EVER!!! Sludge does not what theyre talking about. Snake (Dave Sabo – guitar) is playing when his arm is OK. We are in Nashville, TN recording the new CD with Michael Wagener at the helm, that will be out on SPV later this year. We are 3/4 of the way through recording and plan on starting the mix in 2 weeks. In the future please disregard any rumors about any kind of reunion.”

I’ll take that as a “NO” to a reunion! It’s interesting to note that the post was pulled from Bravewords the next day, fueling the rumors further.

The usual names have been thrown around the Net: Van Halen/Diamond Dave or Sammy Hagar, Guns’n Roses, Journey/Steve Perry, and Rainbow/Joe Lynn Turner.

So who is it? Anyone else you’d like to see?

3 comments on “Reunion rumors again…..

  1. I actually wrote a little about this same topic on my blog today. Stephen Pearcy has been touring constantly for like the last year and a half, but has very few dates set for the summer. The Ratt site shows no dates yet for the summer so it’s possible. Although I agree that it’s not that big a deal now. A Skid Row reunion would draw, but Ratt would need some decent support acts to play anything more than clubs. There was a rumor that Blotz tried to get a reunion going last year with the hopes of opening for the Crue, but that never happened.

  2. I agree, a reunited RATT needs to go out with the Slaughters, Wingers, Dokkens of the world and hope they can draw at large clubs or small theaters. Best case scenario is that they latch on to a decent tour. If the Scorpions were touring the U.S., I could see that bill….maybe Whitesnake. If there’s a Crue summer tour, RATT should have their management beg Motley to throw them a bone. Even if it’s just to get their name back out there.

  3. I think I heard something about Vince Neil and Slaughter touring together. If Ratt were on with those two then they might some play some decent sized clubs. I know Vince did a solo tour back in 2003 and he played a lot of clubs, but I think his stock is up since doing a successful tour with the Crue.

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