Vivian Campbell hates Metal.


DEF LEPPARD continue to hit the press trail in support of their latest covers album, Yeah!, with a full feature article in the latest Entertainment Weekly Magazine. A few (laughable/metal unfriendly) excerpts follows:

Guitarist Vivian Campbell: “It’s so weird, man. I meet people and they’re all like, ‘Dude, Holy Diver, metal! And I hate metal music. It’s true that in the ’80s I wanted to play like [metal fret-meisters] YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and PAUL GILBERT and all those cats. But that stuff does not endure. It’s really impressive for the first 20 seconds. But I can still go back and listen to [DAVID BOWIE’s late guitarist] Mick Ronson and be totally blown away every time.”

This has been making the rounds the last few days and it just bothers me. I have never understood why musicians/bands from the ’70s and ’80s get embarrassed by their previous work. You here it all the time, bands get upset when their previous sound, or image, or mentality is brought up. This same past that made them money, helped them tour the world, and made them famous.

Is it the music? The hair? The outfits? Maybe they are embarrassed by their behavior, too many skeletons on the closet from years past?

When Holy Diver came out, the guitar work was blazing. Who was this guy Vivian Campbell? Much like Viv is blown away by Mick Ronson, there are fans out there blown away by his work. It’s as if he just tosses it aside, his ’80s output is outcast. IMO, when a guy like Viv puts his previous work down, it’s a slap in the face to the fans who made him what he is today. He should appreciate that people come up to him and talk about the Dio albums. He should appreciate whatever compliments he gets from fans. That goes for all bands, etc.

I’m not saying the guy has to live, eat, and breathe Heavy Metal…..if he wants to listen to ’70s glam, so be it. You like what you like. If he wants to focus on recent history/albums, that’s great, let’s hear about the new stuff too. Just don’t be so harsh to something that many of us hold so dear.

2 comments on “Vivian Campbell hates Metal.

  1. I agree about being upset by him saying this about metal. However I give some allowance due to him having been very young then. Angus Young said in interviews in recent years that he was offended to be lumped in with metal in the 80’s. They thought they were just rock.
    This bothered me at first because I love AC/DC and consider them a hug influence on hard rock and metal. Now I just try to understand it and I have my take while they have their take on it.

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