Back to the attack

I’m back.

Every now and then, I need to take a step back and take a break from things. I just took a few days off from the Net (except Ebay of course!), music, and TV. Did a little reading, CD shopping, and listened to sportstalk radio:

Been reading Ian Christe’s book – Sound of the Beast. Very good book except that Ian must be a huge Metallica fan because he devotes a main portion of the book to them. Click here for more info……

Went out Tuesday for some new CDs. The local shop had the new Saga album, Trust, on sale, as well as, the new Def Leppard covers album. Passed on both, especially the Def Leppard because of all the versions of it: the regular release, the Target release with 2 bonus tracks, the Best Buy release with 2 different bonus tracks, the Wal-Mart E.P., and the Japanese version with 2 bonus tracks. I could have bought the Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart E.P. for under $28 in less than 10 minutes but I decided to boycott the release. I am a Def Leppard fan but I have no interest in a covers album. No decent used CDs either, made my trip quick and easy on the wallet…..

Have I mentioned I’m a video game freak? While I was out, I decided to check out the Xbox 360. I have a Playstation 2 and I’ve been waiting on the PS 3 but, at $600, it proves to be too expensive when it’s released this Fall. Even the Xbox 360 is $400. Not sure what I will buy, I might just stay with PS 2 if Madden 2007 is released for it…..

790 The Score is the local sportstalk station in Rhode Island. I listen to it in the mornings but I’ve had it on non-stop the last few days. I’m not the biggest Baseball guy (NFL Football is my game) and that’s all they’ve had on. Just some background noise…..

After being rejuvenated, I’m ready to Rock and write!

2 comments on “Back to the attack

  1. I put a hold on the Def Leppard album through the library. So I will hear it when it comes in and it’s free. I am not normally big on cover albums. However I always got the impression that at least the original Lep line-up were serious fans and there is part of me that hopes that will shine through here. Also it couldn’t possibly be any worse than the cover album Ozzy did last year.

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