Ebay Madness – Lorraine and Iron Maiden

Lorraine - Boy's Nite Out (1993)    Lorraine - Boy's Nite Out back cover

Lorraine – Boy’s Night Out (1993) sold for $641.36!

A lot of money for an indie CD that could be hit or miss. The buyer is a major collector and posts at the Heavy Harmonies Forums. He had some money to burn so the trigger was pulled, that’s almost what I pay for rent each month.

Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes (reissue CD)  Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes back cover

Iron Maiden – The Soundhouse Tapes (2002 reissue) sold for $660!

Not to be outdone by the Lorraine CD, this 2002 special CD reissue of Maiden’s highly sought after vinyl E.P. fetched 33 bids. This CD was available via mailorder when you collected 6 special Eddie stickers from the 2002 reissue campaign for all the Maiden albums. Add postage to the stickers and you got this limited edition for probably under $10 postage. Problem was this “reissue” campaign was Maiden’s 4th pressing of their albums on CD in the U.S. (original EMI, Castle 2 CD sets from 1995, Raw Power multimedia editions from 1998, and this set) and it was an exact duplicate of the Raw Power issues from 1998, except for the slipcase.

I realize it was a limited edition but I’ve seen the vinyl, in NM/VG+ condition, go for less.

New Release Tuesday – 6/27/06

Another Tuesday has come and gone and I sit here the day after with the spoils of my quest.

  1. Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed III (2 CD set) – $13
  2. Deep Purple – Rapture Of The Deep (2 CD special/tour edition) – $16
  3. Metal Church – A Light In The Dark – $10
  4. Warrant – Born Again – $10

I had called Monday, after I got the weekly e-newsletter, and spoke to my new contact at the store. He informed me that their delivery manifest only had 1 copy each of Saxon, Deep Purple, and Warrant. He also mentioned that they can’t hold them, they have to put them on the shelf, company policy. So I was first one in the door Tuesday morning with the kids in tow.

Even though they had only 1 copy of 3 of the new albums, it was nice to see the Metal Church section filled with brand new copies of most of their albums. They also had a dozen copies of the new album and a promo poster displayed. I tried bargaining for the poster but my store contact had dibs. Good to see Metal Church getting a decent push from a local shop.

To make the day a little more exciting, I checked the mail and found a package. For Father’s Day, I was given an Ebay Gift Certificate for $50 and I immeadiately blew it on….

  1. UFO – No Heavy Petting (Japanese edition, 2000)
  2. UFO – The Wild, Willing, and the Innocent (Japanese edition, 2000)

These 2 CDs replace some old, worn out cassettes. I had bought all the UFO albums on cassette from a shop in Pawtucket a few years ago, some were still sealed, some were used but I got them all for $25. I’ve been slowly acquiring them on CD from a dealer on Ebay.

Now I have to find the time to listen!

Bands you’ve seen in concert multiple times

I was going through some old ticket stubs and I started to notice the bands I’ve seen many times…..

  1. KISS – 15
  2. Aerosmith – 6
  3. Ted Nugent – 6 (as opener)
  4. Motley Crue – 6
  5. Poison – 6
  6. Iron Maiden – 6
  7. Ozzy – 6
  8. Quiet Riot – 5
  9. Dio – 4
  10. Judas Priest – 3

…..and then there’s the bands I love that I’ve seen once or twice…..

  1. Saxon – 1
  2. Motorhead – 2
  3. UFO – 2
  4. Queen – 1 (without Freddie on last tour)
  5. AC/DC – 1

Anyone else have a list?

Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors (1985)

Aerosmith - Done With Mirrors

Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors (1985, Geffen)

  1. Let The Music Do The Talking
  2. My Fist Your Face
  3. Shame On You
  4. The Reason A Dog
  5. Shela
  6. Gypsy Boots
  7. She’s On Fire
  8. The Hop
  9. Darkness

Aerosmith official website

Back in 1985, my best friend’s older brother talked about one thing: Aerosmith releasing a reunion album. When Done With Mirrors was released and the tour announced, Aerosmith began the long road to regain their superstardom. I remember going to my bud’s house after school and spinning this wax while his brother was at work. We used to spin Side 1 a few times and then flip it over and give Side 2 the same treatment. We spent a couple of weeks memorizing everything about this album: the lyrics, the solos, the liner notes…..our favorite pasttime was taking the album into the bathroom and holding it up to the mirror so we could read it (initial pressings had all the words printed backwords).

I remember getting the concert tickets and heading to the Providence Civic Center for the show…..my first concert! Ted Nugent opened the show promoting Little Miss Dangerous, he was cool as hell. I’ll never forget Ted coming out, jumping over the drum kit, running to the mic and screaming. Loudest scream I ever heard! An hour later, Aerosmith rocked the hall with old classics like Sweet Emotion and Walk This Way and proceeded to play 5 new tunes off Done Wih Mirrors.

Obviously, there’s a lot of sentimental value attached to this album. Despite my bias, there are some good tunes here: Let The Music Do The Talking (from the Joe Perry Project days), My Fist Your Face, Shela, and She’s On Fire.

Done With Mirrors is always forgotten because everyone counts 1987’s blockbuster Permanent Vacation as the band’s big comeback. That’s a good album too but the REAL comeback came in 1985 and I was right there from the day of release, to the tour, to now.

CD Scavenger Hunt – Father’s Day Edition

A happy belated Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Father's Day turned out to be a busy day for me: I worked my usual 12am – 8am shift, went home and showered, got back in the car and drove the family to the beach for the day, took a nap and got up for another 12am – 8am shift. In the midst of this, my oldest daughter handed me a plain white envelope. Inside? A gift card to the local record shop! Yesterday (Tuesday) was new release day, so off I went to spend that gift card!

I get many gift cards for record stores, no one knows what to get me, and no one would dare try and buy me a CD…..I probably already have it. That said, the gift card is always a perfect gift. I hate to waste them, so I try and spend every last penny and get my full value…..here's what I bought!

Bruce Dickinson – Anthology (3 DVD set) – I haven't cracked this open yet but 3 DVDs totalling over 6 hours! Now that's bang for your $16!

  • DVD1 includes two concerts, one from the Tattooed Millionaire tour and one from the Skunkworks tour.
  • DVD2 has the Scream For Me Brazil show from The Chemical Wedding tour.
  • DVD3 contains all of Bruce's promotional videos, the Tyranny Of Souls EPK, and a Samson video from 1980.

Queen – News Of The World – I needed this one to fill a major hole in my Queen collection.

Venom – Welcome To Hell and Black Metal – In my entire Metal life, I think I have heard only a couple of Venom tracks. I knew of Venom but I never actually knew what Venom's music was like. Both albums are Sanctuary reissues with 11 and 10 bonus tracks respectively. Add the classic album art from the originals on Neat Records, the new liner notes, and classic pictures and you get some decent packages. I never got into Venom back in the day so I'm going to finally get to hear the hype.

Dio – Holy Diver Live DVD (2006)

Dio - Holy Diver Live DVD

Dio – Holy Diver Live DVD (2006, Eagle Vision)

1. Tarot Woman
2. Sign of the Southern Cross
3. One Night in the City
4. Stand Up and Shout
5. Holy Diver
6. Gypsy
7. Caught in the Middle
8. Don’t Talk to Strangers
9. Straight Through the Heart
10. Invisible
11. Rainbow in the Dark
12. Shame on the Night
13. Gates of Babylon
14. Heaven & Hell
15. Man on the Silver Mountain
16. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
17. We Rock

Bonus Features – Interviews

Ronnie James Dio official website

I reviewed the CD version here. The only difference between the two is that the DVD follows the exact setlist, whereas the CD is edited to have the Holy Diver performance first. The concert is superb, just a band playing excellent songs, no extras needed. RJD is backed by a strong band that includes Simon Wright (drums), Doug Aldrich (guitars), Scott Warren (keyboards), and Rudy Sarzo (bass). Add the musicianship to Ronnie’s great voice and you get a top notch performance, well worth the 2 hours to watch.

Two things I thought of while watching:

How old is Ronnie James Dio? And why hasn’t Rudy Sarzo done his signature move of licking his bass? That has to be the most annoying move in all of Rock!

Journey controversy

A huge controversy involving Journey has been gaining momentum since last week. The short version: Steve Augeri (vocals) is having vocal problems and the band is being accused of using backing tapes to enhance Steve’s vocals. In some cases, the charges are that the band is using a pre-recorded vocal and Steve is lip-synching.

This started over at my favorite site, Melodicrock.com, on the Noticeboard. The debate got heated and it has moved to Escape To Tape. There are some very interesting soundbites to compare shows, vocals, etc. Go and check it out before the site is closed.

Also, Andrew at Melodicrock.com has commented on the issue today. Andrew was getting a ton of inquiries and, being a big Journey supporter, his opinions are valued highly. Here is his response:

From Melodicrock.com:
There has been a very strong demand for me to address the allegations currently being aired about Journey and the possible use of vocals tapes during live performances. Regrettably the recent talk of such practices started here on my Journey message board, but since that time, the issue has taken on a much greater life of its own. I am a reluctant participant in this – my site drawn into this based on my long history with the band and my ardent support of this line-up, which has been in place since 1998. So many not remember or even know, but I was responsible for breaking the news worldwide that Steve Perry had left the band. Since that point I have been a big supporter of the guys, but some eight years later we are in the middle of another situation and people are wondering why I have not addressed it up to this point. It is alleged that the lead vocals of frontman Steve Augeri are not always live when the guys perform and furthermore, it is questioned just what portion of each show features backing tapes. The allegations have been misreported somewhat, with the term lip-syncing used in most cases. What needs to be clarified is the fact that the allegation is that while Steve has been singing, the band have been using backing tapes to enhance or cover-up his on stage performance.

The chatter moved from my message boards to a dedicated Blog journal and from there it seems to have taken on a life of its own, including fresh comments from a well known Swedish sound engineer in regards to the band’s Sweden Rock Festival performance.

This issue is beginning to hurt the band and their reputation. Regardless of who or how it started, there is now a big enough question mark hanging over the band and it has to be addressed. And ASAP. Journey begin an extensive U.S. tour with Def Leppard in New Jersey on Friday.

What has delayed my commenting on this issue the lack of any statement from the band or management. That is their call. But as with previous Journey reports, I have always had the benefit of a statement or quote from someone in the Journey camp and that is what I have been holding out for. At this stage I have contacted management and all members of the band several times, and am confident I will soon receive some official word to put this all to rest.

For the good of the band this needs to be addressed now. Someone needs to set up a situation where the band can move on from this and a situation where fans and supporters can return to enjoying their favourite artist, rather than tearing each other apart on Internet message boards.

Ebay Madness – Angel Witch, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Taylor Hicks (American Idol)

Just some notable crazy auctions that I came across this week…..

I bought this for the Nice Price of $15 way back when at an old CD store. Over $189 is just a bit much. Would have liked some details on this release if I’m dropping $189 on a single disc. No notes of bonus tracks or extras. Check it out here.

Another completed auction by the same seller. Tygers Of Pan Tang seem to be a real favorite lately, I’ve seen their first four albums all over Ebay…..cheaper! I have this one too, bought it for $15 just like Crazy Nights up above. If you’re interested in checking the Tygers out, look for the Neat Metal/Edgy reissues with bonus tracks.

This auction is our 3rd in a row for this same seller, he had a good week! Released in 1990 in Japan only, I don’t remember Shabby Trick from any mags or print zines. The only info I’ve seen is at Heavy Harmonies, and those are mixed reviews. That rugged looking heart sells me right away, LOL!

I just like the name and the album cover. $99 is just too much for
this. A little research at The BNR Metal Pages finds Uncle Slam releasing 2 other albums but they have disbanded. I like the cover so much, I gotta hear it!

This is the only Angel Witch that has eluded me. I saw one once at the local shop but it was in the hand of a guy in line at the register. This is the original KillerWatt pressing. Too much for my blood, I’ve seen it before so I believe I’ll see it again.

Same Taylor Hicks as on American Idol. Does it really matter? Is he that good to command $610 on Ebay? Is the demand that high? Where can I get some? LOL! You could get almost all the discs above with the money this one got. Unreal!

I like the disclaimer put in for the

On Jun-02-06 at 17:50:24 PDT, seller added the following information:
I have received several emails from buyers of other Taylor Hicks In Your Time Cds with concerns over the authenticity of their CD. It sounds as if there may be bootlegs out there. So, I wanted to add that the CD I am selling comes from a relative of Taylor Hicks ( I am selling it for her). This is a legit CD and NOT a copy. This is the only one I have for sale. As you can see from my address I live in the same city as Taylor. Be assured you are not buying a copy.

Well I feel better reading that. Please, take my money! Makes you wonder…..

Strummin’ With The Devil – The Southern Side Of Van Halen: A Tribute (2006)

Strummin’ With The Devil: The Southern Side Of Van Halen – A Tribute (2006)

1. JUMP – David Lee Roth with the John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
2. JAMIE’S CRYIN’ – David Lee Roth with the John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
3. I’LL WAIT – Blue Highway
4. RUNNIN’ WITH THE DEVIL – The John Cowan Band
5. DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY – Mountain Heart
6. AIN’T TALKIN’ ‘BOUT LOVE – Iron Horse
7. HOT FOR TEACHER – David Grisman
8. FEEL YOUR LOVE TONIGHT – Tony Trischka, Dudley Connell, Marshall Wilborn, Dave McLaughlin
9. PANAMA – Cornbread Red
10. UNCHAINED – Iron Horse
11. ICE CREAM MAN – Larry Cordle
12. AND THE CRADLE WILL ROCK… – The John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band
13. COULD THIS BE MAGIC? – The Nashville Bluegrass Band
14. ERUPTION – Dennis Caplinger
15. JAMIE’S CRYIN’[RADIO EDIT] – David Lee Roth with the John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band

Strummin’ With The Devil official website

Every now and then a band, or a solo artist, I enjoy comes up with a project that really piques my interest: a solo record, a tribute, something way out of left field! Sometimes it’s hit or miss…..

– Gene Simmons’ solo album, Asshole, was a miss.
– David Lee Roth’s last studio album, Diamond Dave, was a hit (at least for me).
– Pat Boone’s In A Metal Mood was just OK.
– Various unplugged albums…..depends on the band.

So when I heard that David Lee Roth was going to perform a Van Halen song, blue-grass style, on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno last week, I stayed up past my bedtime and watched intently. Maybe it was seeing one of my favorite frontman performing on T.V., maybe it was the boldness to bastardize a Van Halen classic by going Country, either way I was hooked.

And it wasn’t bad. Diamond Dave did a decent job giving Jump a different interpretation. His backing band was top notch, the dude playing the banjo hit that solo note for note. I shut the T.V. off and made up my mind: I was going to the record shop in the morning and dropping my 10 bucks on the disc!

It starts off well with two from Diamond Dave, Jump and Jamie’s Cryin’. The first stays traditional to the original, except for the fiddle, steel guitar, and banjo doing the solos! It’s still a decent cover of the classic. Jamie’s Cryin’ is slowed down, Dave is subdued, very casual. Again, a decent cover, Dave and the John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band make their own version sound very different from the classic.

And that ends the DLR involvement until the end when we get the radio edit for Jamie’s Cryin’. Too bad because I’d rather hear him do ALL the tunes. On to the rest…..

…..and that’s how to term it, “the rest”. From Track 3 to 14, they’re all unique cover tunes. All done very professionally, musicianship top-notch, and the interpretations run from traditional (Ice Cream Man) to barely recognizable (Could This Be Magic?), save for the lyrics. Seeing that I know nothing about Bluegrass and/or Country, I can’t really come out and say if a certain band or performance was bad. My listening experience was pretty good for the first three times, after that, I found myself skipping tracks. After that, I started to just play the DLR tunes.

All in all, a decent novelty record. I won’t be reaching for it much in the future but it’s justified Diamond Dave’s involvement and by the final price…..

$9.99 sale price (save $5)
– $2.00 coupon
– $3.00 credit (traded in a scratched copy of Kittie – Spit)
$4.99 final price

What’s on tap…..

Blogger is starting to become a royal pain.

There are just too mant disruptions in service. This morning, I tried to post a review and put comments in at various blogs I visit…..no such luck! I did manage to get in a couple of comments at Metal Mark’s blog but the Blogger system eventually crashed. I just sick of it.

I’ve been looking for a new home for the Vicious blog for a couple of weeks and today just cemented the decision to move. It’s not happening yet but I’ll do it soon.

Anyway…..here’s what I’m planning on this week:

– review of the Strummin’ With The Devil album featuring David Lee Roth
– review of Dio’s Holy Diver DVD
– a nice write up on a long lost record store
– some Ebay Madness

There might be some other reviews, etc. as well.

KISS – Rock The Nation Live! DVD (2004)

KISS – Rock The Nation Live! (2004)

Disc 1:
1. Love Gun
2. Deuce
3. Makin’ Love
4. The Dressing Room
5. Lick It Up
6. Christine Sixteen
7. Photo Shoots
8. She
9. Tears Are Falling
10. Got To Choose
11. The Meet & Greets
12. I Love It Loud
13. Love Her All I Can
14. I Want You
15. Soundchecks
16. Parasite

Disc 2:
1. War Machine
2. 100,000 Years
3. The Theatre Shows
4. Unholy
5. Shout It Out Loud
6. On The Road
7. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
8. Detroit Rock City
9. God Gave Rock’n’Roll To You II
10. Rock’n’Roll All Nite
Bonus features include:

– KISS Powervision – seven songs on the DVD package where you can watch the band member of your choice.
– Goin’ Blind – live from Sydney, Australia
– Backstage Rehearsal from Perth, Australia

KISSonline.com – the official KISS website
KISSFAQ.com – one of the most comprehensive KISS history websites online

This 2 DVD set has been out for a while now and I’m just getting to it. I bought it the day of release but I never really watched the whole thing. Odd…..considering KISS is my all-time favorite band. Maybe it’s because I saw this show when they stopped in Mansfield, MA on 7/16/04 and it’s a “been there, saw that” situation?

Filmed mostly from their stop in Washington D.C. during their Rock The Nation Tour, KISS delivers their usual show. They pull out a few moldy oldies (Tears Are Falling, Love Her All I Can, Got To Choose) and they keep the rest of the usual live standards (Love Gun, Deuce, etc.). Nothing wrong with that because that’s what a live KISS concert is: the same setlist for the last 10 years MINUS 2 songs, replaced with 2 old classics that “we haven’t played in years”. You get the bombs, the fireworks, the stage show, the songs…..it’s all here. If you want to see KISS in concert and can’t be there in person, this DVD gives you what Kurrent KISS is all about on stage. It’s an excellent show, my only complaint is with the quick editing and the constant crowd shots during the songs. Other than that, it’s dead on with what the 2004 live show was all about.

We also get a little insight into the off-stage life as well. It would be nice if these segments were put together as a bonus documentary rather than interrupting the live set but that is how KISS does it. Of the 6 segments, the Soundchecks and Theatre Shows snippets are the best: they show the band trying some deep tracks from the KISS Katalog…..and that’s what most KISS diehards want: old songs!

Overall, it’s a good DVD but I find I reach for The Second Coming DVD (documenting the Reunion Tour) more often.

Diamond Dave on Jay Leno

Watch the video

DLR performed a blue-grass styled ‘Jump’ on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday 6/6/06. Diamond Dave was promoting a new Van Halen tribute album, Strummin’ With The Devil, that he appears on.

DLR looked good, looked healthy, looked normal. He had short brown hair, dressed in jeans and a shirt, and that trademark wide smile. Surrounded by acoustic guitars, banjo, standing bass, fiddles…..Dave delivered a “different” take on a good old tune. It was good, I liked it.

I’ve always dug DLR. If I had to pick the ultimate frontman, it would be Dave. I like him with Van Halen, solo, on the radio, doing show tunes, writing books, and just talking. I get what Roth is about, I understand, and not many people do. Dave was one of those early Rock heroes that I still cling to today, even when he’s not at the top of his game (Sam & Dave Tour Mansfield, MA….Hagar was better even though Dave was good). DLR is one of those guys I gladly pay to see live and I run out and buy his releases the day of. I bought that last album, Diamond Dave, and I thought it was genius!

So what will I be doing later today if I can get my ass out of bed and into the car? I’ll be at the record store buying my copy of Strummin’ With The Devil!