KISS – Rock The Nation Live! DVD (2004)

KISS – Rock The Nation Live! (2004)

Disc 1:
1. Love Gun
2. Deuce
3. Makin’ Love
4. The Dressing Room
5. Lick It Up
6. Christine Sixteen
7. Photo Shoots
8. She
9. Tears Are Falling
10. Got To Choose
11. The Meet & Greets
12. I Love It Loud
13. Love Her All I Can
14. I Want You
15. Soundchecks
16. Parasite

Disc 2:
1. War Machine
2. 100,000 Years
3. The Theatre Shows
4. Unholy
5. Shout It Out Loud
6. On The Road
7. I Was Made For Lovin’ You
8. Detroit Rock City
9. God Gave Rock’n’Roll To You II
10. Rock’n’Roll All Nite
Bonus features include:

– KISS Powervision – seven songs on the DVD package where you can watch the band member of your choice.
– Goin’ Blind – live from Sydney, Australia
– Backstage Rehearsal from Perth, Australia – the official KISS website – one of the most comprehensive KISS history websites online

This 2 DVD set has been out for a while now and I’m just getting to it. I bought it the day of release but I never really watched the whole thing. Odd…..considering KISS is my all-time favorite band. Maybe it’s because I saw this show when they stopped in Mansfield, MA on 7/16/04 and it’s a “been there, saw that” situation?

Filmed mostly from their stop in Washington D.C. during their Rock The Nation Tour, KISS delivers their usual show. They pull out a few moldy oldies (Tears Are Falling, Love Her All I Can, Got To Choose) and they keep the rest of the usual live standards (Love Gun, Deuce, etc.). Nothing wrong with that because that’s what a live KISS concert is: the same setlist for the last 10 years MINUS 2 songs, replaced with 2 old classics that “we haven’t played in years”. You get the bombs, the fireworks, the stage show, the songs…’s all here. If you want to see KISS in concert and can’t be there in person, this DVD gives you what Kurrent KISS is all about on stage. It’s an excellent show, my only complaint is with the quick editing and the constant crowd shots during the songs. Other than that, it’s dead on with what the 2004 live show was all about.

We also get a little insight into the off-stage life as well. It would be nice if these segments were put together as a bonus documentary rather than interrupting the live set but that is how KISS does it. Of the 6 segments, the Soundchecks and Theatre Shows snippets are the best: they show the band trying some deep tracks from the KISS Katalog…..and that’s what most KISS diehards want: old songs!

Overall, it’s a good DVD but I find I reach for The Second Coming DVD (documenting the Reunion Tour) more often.

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