Ebay Madness – Angel Witch, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Taylor Hicks (American Idol)

Just some notable crazy auctions that I came across this week…..

I bought this for the Nice Price of $15 way back when at an old CD store. Over $189 is just a bit much. Would have liked some details on this release if I’m dropping $189 on a single disc. No notes of bonus tracks or extras. Check it out here.

Another completed auction by the same seller. Tygers Of Pan Tang seem to be a real favorite lately, I’ve seen their first four albums all over Ebay…..cheaper! I have this one too, bought it for $15 just like Crazy Nights up above. If you’re interested in checking the Tygers out, look for the Neat Metal/Edgy reissues with bonus tracks.

This auction is our 3rd in a row for this same seller, he had a good week! Released in 1990 in Japan only, I don’t remember Shabby Trick from any mags or print zines. The only info I’ve seen is at Heavy Harmonies, and those are mixed reviews. That rugged looking heart sells me right away, LOL!

I just like the name and the album cover. $99 is just too much for
this. A little research at The BNR Metal Pages finds Uncle Slam releasing 2 other albums but they have disbanded. I like the cover so much, I gotta hear it!

This is the only Angel Witch that has eluded me. I saw one once at the local shop but it was in the hand of a guy in line at the register. This is the original KillerWatt pressing. Too much for my blood, I’ve seen it before so I believe I’ll see it again.

Same Taylor Hicks as on American Idol. Does it really matter? Is he that good to command $610 on Ebay? Is the demand that high? Where can I get some? LOL! You could get almost all the discs above with the money this one got. Unreal!

I like the disclaimer put in for the

On Jun-02-06 at 17:50:24 PDT, seller added the following information:
I have received several emails from buyers of other Taylor Hicks In Your Time Cds with concerns over the authenticity of their CD. It sounds as if there may be bootlegs out there. So, I wanted to add that the CD I am selling comes from a relative of Taylor Hicks ( I am selling it for her). This is a legit CD and NOT a copy. This is the only one I have for sale. As you can see from my address I live in the same city as Taylor. Be assured you are not buying a copy.

Well I feel better reading that. Please, take my money! Makes you wonder…..

3 comments on “Ebay Madness – Angel Witch, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Taylor Hicks (American Idol)

  1. Is it just me or wasn’t eBay a lot more fun for buyers say five years ago? It seems like prices have gone up and sellers that don’t what they have are more common than a few years ago. I remember the ads for Uncle Slam, but never heard them.

  2. Absolutely! Ebay from 1998 to 2001 was a goldmine for CDs at decent prices. I could have picked up that Angel Witch CD anytime for around $20. You had sellers that were new to the process and didn’t know what prices their products would command. A little extra effort and you can sell just about anything on Ebay. Many independent shops have closed down their actual stores to open Ebay stores.

    One trend that has stuck for years is to call everything “rare and out of print”. In many cases, it’s true, it is OOP. But rare? Depends on your definition of rare.

    Ebay has taken the used CD market and turned it into serious business.

  3. I agree, it seems now that almost every USED cd is “extremely rare” and “collectible”.

    You are lucky because that Angel Witch CD is really rare and i saw it was sold for $250 last year.

    Yes, i have that Shabby Trick CD (only japanese press) and it’s great melodic italian glam/sleaze metal form 80s (similar to Alleycat Scratch or Joker US, maybe)

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