Journey controversy

A huge controversy involving Journey has been gaining momentum since last week. The short version: Steve Augeri (vocals) is having vocal problems and the band is being accused of using backing tapes to enhance Steve’s vocals. In some cases, the charges are that the band is using a pre-recorded vocal and Steve is lip-synching.

This started over at my favorite site,, on the Noticeboard. The debate got heated and it has moved to Escape To Tape. There are some very interesting soundbites to compare shows, vocals, etc. Go and check it out before the site is closed.

Also, Andrew at has commented on the issue today. Andrew was getting a ton of inquiries and, being a big Journey supporter, his opinions are valued highly. Here is his response:

There has been a very strong demand for me to address the allegations currently being aired about Journey and the possible use of vocals tapes during live performances. Regrettably the recent talk of such practices started here on my Journey message board, but since that time, the issue has taken on a much greater life of its own. I am a reluctant participant in this – my site drawn into this based on my long history with the band and my ardent support of this line-up, which has been in place since 1998. So many not remember or even know, but I was responsible for breaking the news worldwide that Steve Perry had left the band. Since that point I have been a big supporter of the guys, but some eight years later we are in the middle of another situation and people are wondering why I have not addressed it up to this point. It is alleged that the lead vocals of frontman Steve Augeri are not always live when the guys perform and furthermore, it is questioned just what portion of each show features backing tapes. The allegations have been misreported somewhat, with the term lip-syncing used in most cases. What needs to be clarified is the fact that the allegation is that while Steve has been singing, the band have been using backing tapes to enhance or cover-up his on stage performance.

The chatter moved from my message boards to a dedicated Blog journal and from there it seems to have taken on a life of its own, including fresh comments from a well known Swedish sound engineer in regards to the band’s Sweden Rock Festival performance.

This issue is beginning to hurt the band and their reputation. Regardless of who or how it started, there is now a big enough question mark hanging over the band and it has to be addressed. And ASAP. Journey begin an extensive U.S. tour with Def Leppard in New Jersey on Friday.

What has delayed my commenting on this issue the lack of any statement from the band or management. That is their call. But as with previous Journey reports, I have always had the benefit of a statement or quote from someone in the Journey camp and that is what I have been holding out for. At this stage I have contacted management and all members of the band several times, and am confident I will soon receive some official word to put this all to rest.

For the good of the band this needs to be addressed now. Someone needs to set up a situation where the band can move on from this and a situation where fans and supporters can return to enjoying their favourite artist, rather than tearing each other apart on Internet message boards.

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