CD Scavenger Hunt – Father’s Day Edition

A happy belated Father's Day to all the dads out there.

Father's Day turned out to be a busy day for me: I worked my usual 12am – 8am shift, went home and showered, got back in the car and drove the family to the beach for the day, took a nap and got up for another 12am – 8am shift. In the midst of this, my oldest daughter handed me a plain white envelope. Inside? A gift card to the local record shop! Yesterday (Tuesday) was new release day, so off I went to spend that gift card!

I get many gift cards for record stores, no one knows what to get me, and no one would dare try and buy me a CD…..I probably already have it. That said, the gift card is always a perfect gift. I hate to waste them, so I try and spend every last penny and get my full value…'s what I bought!

Bruce Dickinson – Anthology (3 DVD set) – I haven't cracked this open yet but 3 DVDs totalling over 6 hours! Now that's bang for your $16!

  • DVD1 includes two concerts, one from the Tattooed Millionaire tour and one from the Skunkworks tour.
  • DVD2 has the Scream For Me Brazil show from The Chemical Wedding tour.
  • DVD3 contains all of Bruce's promotional videos, the Tyranny Of Souls EPK, and a Samson video from 1980.

Queen – News Of The World – I needed this one to fill a major hole in my Queen collection.

Venom – Welcome To Hell and Black Metal – In my entire Metal life, I think I have heard only a couple of Venom tracks. I knew of Venom but I never actually knew what Venom's music was like. Both albums are Sanctuary reissues with 11 and 10 bonus tracks respectively. Add the classic album art from the originals on Neat Records, the new liner notes, and classic pictures and you get some decent packages. I never got into Venom back in the day so I'm going to finally get to hear the hype.

3 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – Father’s Day Edition

  1. Well, Venom could hardly play their instruments back then. However they played heavy and fast and they were a huge influence on early speed metal. They were one of my favorites in the 80’s. For father’s day my wife told me to make an order on Amazon forwhat I want do I am getting season one of F troop and Fastway’s Trick or treat soundtrack.

  2. “News of the World” is my favourite Queen album and a true classic from this band with so many hits and recordings out there. It’s all in there, especially a decent amount of raunchiness that all but disappeared in later recordings.

    I remember seeking out a Japanese remaster of this one to get the best possible sound. I would love to have one of those CD/DVD digipacks in plastic slipcase packages that “A Day at the Opera” came in (and was sold for 2 measly pounds on I’d love that.

    Bruce Dickinson never did it for me. I stopped listening to Iron Maiden when he showed up. I know that makes me a hertic, so burn me already. ;)

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