Dio – Holy Diver Live DVD (2006)

Dio - Holy Diver Live DVD

Dio – Holy Diver Live DVD (2006, Eagle Vision)

1. Tarot Woman
2. Sign of the Southern Cross
3. One Night in the City
4. Stand Up and Shout
5. Holy Diver
6. Gypsy
7. Caught in the Middle
8. Don’t Talk to Strangers
9. Straight Through the Heart
10. Invisible
11. Rainbow in the Dark
12. Shame on the Night
13. Gates of Babylon
14. Heaven & Hell
15. Man on the Silver Mountain
16. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll
17. We Rock

Bonus Features – Interviews

Ronnie James Dio official website

I reviewed the CD version here. The only difference between the two is that the DVD follows the exact setlist, whereas the CD is edited to have the Holy Diver performance first. The concert is superb, just a band playing excellent songs, no extras needed. RJD is backed by a strong band that includes Simon Wright (drums), Doug Aldrich (guitars), Scott Warren (keyboards), and Rudy Sarzo (bass). Add the musicianship to Ronnie’s great voice and you get a top notch performance, well worth the 2 hours to watch.

Two things I thought of while watching:

How old is Ronnie James Dio? And why hasn’t Rudy Sarzo done his signature move of licking his bass? That has to be the most annoying move in all of Rock!

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