Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors (1985)

Aerosmith - Done With Mirrors

Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors (1985, Geffen)

  1. Let The Music Do The Talking
  2. My Fist Your Face
  3. Shame On You
  4. The Reason A Dog
  5. Shela
  6. Gypsy Boots
  7. She’s On Fire
  8. The Hop
  9. Darkness

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Back in 1985, my best friend’s older brother talked about one thing: Aerosmith releasing a reunion album. When Done With Mirrors was released and the tour announced, Aerosmith began the long road to regain their superstardom. I remember going to my bud’s house after school and spinning this wax while his brother was at work. We used to spin Side 1 a few times and then flip it over and give Side 2 the same treatment. We spent a couple of weeks memorizing everything about this album: the lyrics, the solos, the liner notes…..our favorite pasttime was taking the album into the bathroom and holding it up to the mirror so we could read it (initial pressings had all the words printed backwords).

I remember getting the concert tickets and heading to the Providence Civic Center for the show… first concert! Ted Nugent opened the show promoting Little Miss Dangerous, he was cool as hell. I’ll never forget Ted coming out, jumping over the drum kit, running to the mic and screaming. Loudest scream I ever heard! An hour later, Aerosmith rocked the hall with old classics like Sweet Emotion and Walk This Way and proceeded to play 5 new tunes off Done Wih Mirrors.

Obviously, there’s a lot of sentimental value attached to this album. Despite my bias, there are some good tunes here: Let The Music Do The Talking (from the Joe Perry Project days), My Fist Your Face, Shela, and She’s On Fire.

Done With Mirrors is always forgotten because everyone counts 1987’s blockbuster Permanent Vacation as the band’s big comeback. That’s a good album too but the REAL comeback came in 1985 and I was right there from the day of release, to the tour, to now.

11 comments on “Aerosmith – Done With Mirrors (1985)

  1. I’ll agree that Permanent Vacation was more of a “fun” album. Maybe it was due to the demons that plagued the band were gone? Maybe it was more fun because they realized they still had a career.

    Done With Mirrors was serious, bluesy, no frills Rock. Probably has to do with lingering drug problems and band conflict.

  2. I thought it was quite a good album.

    It was also around that time I started getting back into Aerosmith, so it was an important album for me. “Permanent Vacation” had some good tunes that made me listen up again, but “Done with Mirrors” was actually the one that made me seriously stock up my Aerosmith collection by, for example,buying Pandora’s Box.

    The huge albums that followed lost me again, contrary to just about everyone else. I’m still contemplating why that was. Maybe I should write up an Aerosmith post soon … hm.

  3. Done With Mirrors is more of a 70s Aerosmith album, that’s why I think it’s better than most people realize. It’s dirtier, more grit less polish.

    The albums after (Permanent Vacation, Pump, etc.) were all good, a little ballad heavy but good. They were more slick and reflected the 80s/MTV genre.

    Another album I dig is 9 Lives. I can listen to that whole album and not find a weak song, although ‘Pink’ gets on my nerves because it was overplayed, it was better when unknown by the masses. Saw the 9 Lives tour in Boston, MA on New Year’s Eve…..3 hours of Aerosmith was just too good.

  4. It seems that the band themselves totally ignore “Done with Mirrors,” though. Why is that? I think it’s a GREAT album (truer in sound and spirit to their “dirty” ’70s classic albums that what came after). Meanwhile, none of the tunes EVER appear on compilations and the CD is always a bargain bin special. What’s up? Does anyone know why Aerosmith (and Geffen) like to pretend the record never existed?

  5. C.A. – I think one of the reasons why the band ignors it is because they weren’t clean at the time and they feel it wasn’t there best work. Of course, they also hit it big time with PERMANENT VACATION one album later. I always find it interesting to hear people tak of Aerosmith’s comeback with PERMANENT VACATION when, in reality, the reunion began with DWM.

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  7. Done With Mirrors represents the end of the gritty, nasty, F-You attitude that Aerosmith brought to the table from the beginning. As a die hard fan, I love this album, and as someone pointed out here, this was the last album they did while still on drugs and behaving badly and what not. I’m not “condoning” the drugs, but when they got clean, they got “produced” and on one hand more polished and refined, on the other, more commercial and boring.

    Done with Mirrors is a phenominal rock album and marks the day that Aerosmith turned their back on tough gritty rock and roll and went the way of commercial, MYV, pop-ballad rock. I have never been in to them the same way since. Both versions are good in different ways, but I’ll take old school Aerosmith any day.

  8. Aerosmith was my 1st concert back in ’75, and i’ve seen them 20 times all together. reading these blogs here about Aerosmith’s “WEAK” album…”done with mirrors” i totally disagree .(if anything its “rock in a hard place”) “Jail Bait” kicks ass. when “done with mirrors” came out, it ROCK’D my world…”my fist your face” is a Awesome song just to name a few. last Aerosmith concert i was @ was with KISS, Houston,tx. (even a few tours before KISS) i started seeing different generations of fans, my age, younger and older! in my book, just goes to show how Aerosmith, without a doubt…is “THE BEST” rock band,ever…PERIOD. P.S. cant wait for the next tour and new album.

  9. I still can’t beleive how fuckin good this album is, it’s greasy as hell! I love how Joe and Brad are killing the whammy bar on this album and especially Ted Templemans productions just capture this type of music so well… Albums like this and Night in the ruts really showed how good these guys could be without anyone even noticing, maybe thats why they got other dildos to write their music for them after this album….

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