Reissue Report: Douglas – Mad (1991) reissued by Schmankerl Records

I did an Ebay Madness for Douglas a couple months ago when it went for $676+ USD on Ebay. Who has that kind of money?

Schmankerl Records in Germany has officially released this AOR album for about $18 USD (14 Euro). I’m not sure if this is a limited run but it is available at their website and I’ve noticed some popping up on Ebay for $30+ USD. If you’re curious as to what a $676 AOR album sounds like, this is your chance to get one for under $20.

Mama’s Boys – Power And Passion (1985)

Mama’s Boys – Power And Passion (orig. 1985, Jive/Zomba) (2006 reissue, Gott Discs)

1. Hard’n’Loud
2. Straight Forward, No Looking Back
3. Lettin’ Go
4. Needle In The Groove
5. Run
6. Power And Passion
7. Don’t Tell Mama
8. The Professor II
9. Let’s Get High

Official website of the brothers McManus and their current band, Celtus. There is a good band history section on Mama’s Boys there.

I have seen this CD go for hundreds on Ebay over the last few years for an original pressing on Jive/Zomba or a Japanese copy with OBI. Of course, with a high price comes a lot of hype, so I’ve had this on my “WANT” list for a while. Like all over-hyped CDs, the cassette or vinyl is fairly easy to obtain, within $20 USD. Good news out of the U.K. early this year was that Gott Discs was officially reissuing the album at a decent price. This made originals pop up on Ebay but at inflated prices.

Mama’s Boys are from Ireland and are usually lumped in with the NWOBHM, not a far stretch. This album is a combination of NWOBHM influences, traditional Celtic music, and keyboard driven mid-80s Hard Rock. This mix of styles lends the album a unique quality, the listener exposed to a wide range of sounds. If I remember correctly, Mama’s Boys toured with Thin Lizzy on their last tour and import Metal magazines were really high on this band.

I’ve lived with this disc for a few weeks and I find it an average release. There are some good songs here (Hard ‘n’ Loud, Run, Lettin’ Go, Don’t Tell Mama), with good solos, but not enough to make me consider this an ’80s classic.

Balls To The Wall

Today I’m having minor out-patient surgery…..a vasectomy. My wife and I have 2 beautiful girls, so we’re done with having kids.

How does this relate to Metal?

– The fact that my crew played Accept’s ‘Balls To The Wall’ in my honor last night at work multiple times.

– I get home this AM and my best friend left me a message on my machine: him singing AC/DC’s ‘Big Balls’. He also asked if I needed my copy of UNDER THE BLADE (Twisted Sister).

– My other friend emailed me an MP3 of Bryan Adams’ ‘Cuts Like A Knife’. Not Metal, but clever.

Are they missing any?

Def Leppard – Yeah! (2006)

Def Leppard – Yeah! (2006, Island)

1. 20th Century Boy (originally recorded by T.Rex in 1973)
2. Rock On (originally recorded by David Essex in 1973)
3. Hanging On The Telephone (originally recorded by The Nerves in 1977, and Blondie in 1978)
4. Waterloo Sunset (originally recorded by The Kinks in 1967)
5. Hell Raiser (originally recorded by Sweet in 1973)
6. 10538 Overture (originally recorded by Electric Light Orchestra in 1972)
7. Street Life (originally recorded by Roxy Music in 1973)
8. Drive-In Saturday (originally recorded by David Bowie in 1973)
9. Little Bit Of Love (originally recorded by Free in 1972)
10. The Golden Age Of Rock & Roll (originally recorded by Mott the Hoople in 1974)
11. No Matter What (originally recorded by Badfinger in 1970)
12. He’s Gonna Step On You Again (originally recorded by John Kongos in 1971)
13. Don’t Believe A Word (originally recorded by Thin Lizzy in 1976)
14. Stay With Me (originally recorded by Faces in 1971)

Target bonus tracks:
15. Action (Live 2005) (originally recorded by Sweet in 1975)
16. When I’m Dead And Gone (originally recorded by McGuinness Flint in 1970)

Best Buy bonus tracks:
15. No Matter What (Live 2005) (originally recorded by Badfinger in 1970)
16. Winter Song (originally recorded by Lindisfarne in 1970)

Def Leppard official website

I’ve spent the last few days listening to this album after lifting my personal boycott. After giving this disc a fair listen (at least a dozen spins), I’ve decided that I don’t like it.

Is it the worst album ever made? No.
Is it Def Leppard’s finest moment? Certainly not.

Basically, the band decided a covers collection was a good idea. They play the songs as close to the original version as possible and they come out quite good. My favorite on this disc is Hellraiser, the band does a great take on this Sweet classic. If you take it for what it is, you’ll enjoy it. If you were looking for new material then you might be disappointed.

What I find interesting is that this release officially ends the band’s U.S. recording contract (according to Andrew at After being moved to Island Records, a subsidiary of Universal Music and also home to Bon Jovi, Def Leppard has seen label support disappear. Island did nothing to promote the band’s last studio record, X, in the U.S. If the band used this disc as a stop-gap between releases, ended their recording commitments, and will release new material on a new label that will support them…..I’m a happy camper.

CD Scavenger Hunt – 6/1/06

I work 12am-8am. When I clocked out, I was paged to the boss’ office. I was laid off 2 years ago and I returned to work after 3 months. The back-pay settlements were issued in March (mine was LARGE!) but I received another check from my boss this morning. Seems that there was an oversight and I was owed a little more.

So what do you do when you get “free” money?
You blow a little!

Went to the record store and picked up a few CDs and DVDs…..

1. Dio – Holy Diver Live DVD – $11.88
The DVD companion to the 2 CD set. The DVD keeps to the original order of the setlist while the CD was rearranged for editing puposes.

2. Alice Cooper – Live At Montreux 2005 CD/DVD – $13.88
Can’t beat a CD/DVD combo for under 14 bucks! The DVD has 27 tunes, the CD cuts out 8. Alice is great live so this should be good.

3. Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey (2 DVD special edition) – $19.99
Sam Dunn’s documentary discussing Metal’s origins, history, and culture. Supposed to be real good, many rave reviews.

4, 5, and 6. Motorhead – Orgasmatron, Rock’n’Roll, and Another Perfect Day (2 CD Deluxe editions) – all 3 for $13.88 each = $41.64

I’m saving the best for last. After going through major completist withdrawal, and fearing the hole that would be in my collection, I went out and bought…..

7. Def Leppard – Yeah! (Target version) – $10
8. Def Leppard – Yeah! (Best Buy version) – $10
9. Def Leppard – Yeah! E.P. (Wal-Mart exclusive) -$6

I know, I know…..I caved. I put a ban on the CD because a covers album wasn’t what I was looking forward to, even though we knew it was happening for the past 2 years! I’ve read good reviews and bad alike but I had that nagging desire to hear it for myself. So I went out and bought all 3 versions. I will not be buying the Japanese version as those 2 bonus tracks (American Girl and Search & Destroy) are on the Wal-Mart E.P.

Hopefully now my curiosity will be satisfied with a decent album. If not, there’s always Motorhead!