Warrant – Born Again (2006)

Warrant - Born Again (2006)

Warrant – Born Again (2006, Deadline)

  1. Devil’s Juice
  2. Dirty Jack
  3. Bourbon County Line
  4. Hell, CA
  5. Angels
  6. Love Strikes Like Lightning
  7. Glimmer
  8. Roller Coaster
  9. Down In Diamonds
  10. Velvet Noose
  11. Roxy
  12. Good Times

Band lineup: 

Jaime St. James – lead vocals
Joey Allen – lead guitar
Erik Turner – rhythm guitar
Jerry Dixon – bass
Steven Sweet – drums

Warrant official website

This is the first full length album of new material from Warrant since the 1996 offering, Belly To Belly Vol. 1. There have been some well publicized personnel changes since 1996, namely the return of the original band minus lead singer Jani Lane. The new set of pipes is former Black’n Blue singer Jaime St. James.

So what does Warrant offer 10 years later? An album of no nonsense Hard Rock! I honestly didn’t expect much from this album because a) I am not a big Warrant fan and b) anytime a band changes singers it is almost always too drastic a change. I think Jaime St. James adds more grit and balls to a band that is known for there tongue-in-cheek rockers (Cherry Pie) and their sugary sweet ballads (I Saw Red, Heaven). Jani who? Is this the St. James from Black’n Blue’s debut? No, but he is very solid with 20 years added to his throat. The rest of the band play solidly…..there are guitar solos! How refreshing!

It’s an ’80s style Hard Rock album, sounds like it should have been released in 1992 rather than the Dog Eat Dog album. There are a combination of sounds here: vintage Warrant, Black’n Blue (courtesy of St. James), and even a bit of boogie a la AC/DC or Rose Tattoo. It’s an album where the band isn’t trying to conform to current trends or maintain an expected sound, it’s a band that is just playing the way they want and the way they feel. The motto on the album and website reads: “Pitching In To Keep Kick Ass Rock’n’Roll Alive!”…..I think they are doing a good job at that and re-establishing a name that has been tarnished over the years.

Favorite songs on this platter: Devil’s Juice, Dirty Jack, Bourbon County Line, Hell CA, and Glimmer.

It’s really good to see this band come up from the ashes and surprise everyone with a solid album. I don’t reach for Warrant at all but Born Again will definitely see the light of day in the future. I would also go out of my way to see this lineup in concert if they come to the New England area.

Congratulations to Warrant on a new beginning!

3 comments on “Warrant – Born Again (2006)

  1. It sounds sort of promising although I have never been a fan of theirs. I am a fan of Jaime though. Actually I think I would be interested in Black and Blue’s reunion “Hell Yeah” if they can ever get the whole thing recorded and get that out.

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