Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed III (2006)

Saxon - The Eagle Has Landed III

Saxon – The Eagle Has Landed III (2006, SPV/Steamhammer)

Disc I
01. This Town Rocks (Stockholm 2005)
02. Backs To The Wall (Nuremberg 2005)
03. Redline (Hamburg 2005)
04. Stand Up And Be Counted (Berlin 2005)
05. Never Surrender (Berlin 2005)
06. Frozen Rainbow (Fulda 2005)
07. Suzie Hold On (Nuremberg 2005)
08. Play It Loud (Nuremberg 2005)
09. Warrior (Nuremberg 2005)
10. See The Lights Shining (Hamburg 2005)
11. To Hell And Back Again (Hamburg 2005)
12. Stallions Of The Highway (Fulda 2005)
13. Wheels Of Steel (Nuremberg 2005)
14. And The Bands Played On (Wacken 2004)
15. Crusader (Wacken 2004)

Disc II
01. The Return (Paris 2004)
02. Lionheart (Paris 2004)
03. Man & Machine (London 2004)
04. Beyond The Grave (London 2004)
05. Searching For Atlantis (London 2004)
06. To Live By The Sword Pt. I (London 2004)
07. Unleash The Beast (London 2004)
08. To Live By The Sword Pt. II (London 2004)
09. Flying On The Edge (Paris 2004)
10. Jack Tars (Kiel 2004)
11. English Man ‘O’ War (Kiel 2004)
12. Court Of The Crimson King (Kiel 2004)
13. Broken Heroes (Kiel 2004)
14. Dragon’s Lair (Kiel 2004)
15. Rock Is Our Live (Wacken 2004)
16. Travellers Time (Wacken 2004)
17. Solid Ball Of Rock (Wacken 2004)

Total Time = 2 hrs 23 mins

Biff Byford – Vocals
Nigel Glocker – Drums
Nibbs Carter – Bass
Dave Scaratt – Guitars
Paul Quinn – Guitars
Jorg Michael – Drums

Saxon official website

Saxon has had a long Heavy Metal career, 28 years and counting. To document their 2004/2005 World Tour promoting the Lionheart album, Saxon has released The Eagle Has Landed III live double CD album.

32 tracks at almost two and a half hours long…..that’s a lot of music for your hard earned cash! What makes this unique is all of the rarely played classics like Redline, Suzie Hold On, Warrior, and To Hell And Back Again on the first CD…..then add all of the newer tracks, including 9 songs from 2004’s Lionheart album, on disc two. The band regularly mixes up their setlist for each city, Eagle 3 doesn’t include many of the concert staples Saxon usually plays except for classics like Crusader, Wheels Of Steel, and a few others…..a diehard’s dream. A great idea that keeps the listening experience fresh (KISS, Poison, Crue, and Maiden take notice!) and gives the purchase some extra value.

The performances are top notch, Saxon is a band that gets better and better with age. Biff is seasoned vet with more power in his voice and the dual guitar attack of Quinn and Scaratt is extremely enjoyable. Well worth the 20 clams for a good, career-spanning live album.

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