A little more Graham Bonnet

I was hoping to get in another post to end my Graham Bonnet week that summarized some other notable releases. Unfortunately, work was busy, I had a meeting, and I got lost in Boston Sunday afternoon. So here goes…..

I had a major resurgence in collecting in 1996, I had taken a couple years off because I was so down on the whole Alternative movement. I started to collect more obscure bands, older bands that missed out on the limelight back in the day. All the stars aligned in 1998 with going online, finding a few independent record stores, and picking up The Collector’s Guide To Heavy Metal by Martin Popoff. I started to buy up old Metal mags and fanzines (Metal Forces) to find some of those old bands that I heard of once but forgot about in the face of MTV.

I had RainbowDown To Earth and I thought the singer was awesome and, with a little research, I found MSGAssault Attack. Graham Bonnet was now one of my favorite singers. The Alcatrazz catalogue sealed the deal and I had to have as much Bonnet as my wallet would allow. The local “mom & pop” stores carried a lot of old albums in various formats so I was able to catch up on my Bonnet collection fairly quickly.

I have been able to pick up a few solo releases: Line-Up (1981), Underground (1997), The Day I Went Mad (1999), and The Singer’s Anthology (1990). The Singer’s Anthology features songs from Bonnet’s early days with The Marbles as well as some Rainbow.

I was also able to pick up some band projects like Forcefield III – To Oz And Back (1989) w/Cozy Powell and Blackthorne – Afterlife (1993) w/Bob Kulick, AnthemHeavy Metal Anthem (2000) and another album with Impellitteri System X (2002).

The guy just doesn’t stop singing at 59 years old (b. 1947)! And he still sounds really good with close to the same power and range he had earlier in his career. He’s got another album coming up, Welcome To America, with the Taz Taylor Band that’s due on August 26.

For a good discography overview, click here. I noticed the Graham Bonnet website hasn’t finished their discography section yet.

One comment on “A little more Graham Bonnet

  1. hi a great fan tell me did you sing only one woman or was it your cousion Trever a great song but i have bean trying to get hold of it you wouldnt have a spear copy i am fifty seven years old i live in New zealand 143 high Street Masterton Wairarapa you are great are you coming to New Zealand at any time in the near future email and let me no one of your greatest fans

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