Cassettes or tapes?

Is it a cassette or a tape?

Technically, it’s a cassette tape. With the invention of that thing called a CD, some people call them trash. One person’s trash is another’s treasure.

I’m sitting here at my desk and I just noticed that my stereo has no cassette deck. We live in a small apartment so I have a compact Phillips stereo system – 5 CD changer, tuner, USB port. I’ve had it less than a year, I bought it to replace a similar Phillips stereo that had a tape deck but an unreliable 3 CD changer that died.

Back to the cassettes…..or tapes…..

I used to buy them when I was a kid. They were the same price as a record but they were portable. You could put the tapes in your Walkman, car deck, boombox…..they were just easier. You didn’t have to worry about scratching them. The only problems were older tapes snapped or got eaten in the car deck, I could live with that, it was better than some big scratch across your favorite record.

When I moved on to buying CDs, I started to replace my cassettes. I replaced all my KISS cassettes, then Judas Priest, Maiden, and so on until I finally replaced Metallica – Ride The Lightning a couple months ago. All the cassettes were in storage and I eventually sold them all on Ebay…..all the proceeds went to the “CD fund”. Up until yesterday, I was cassette free.

I’ve been in the market for a new turntable, so I can pick up some old vinyl that never made it to CD (and probably never will), vinyl now being second in the media hierarchy. I’ve been expolring vinyl possibilities and then I found it…..I found the album I had to have even if it was just for the cover…..Predator – Easy Prey (1985, Metal Blade).

Predator - Easy Prey

That has to be one of the best ’80s covers I’ve seen in a long time. That just wouldn’t fly today. I’ve known about the band and album for a while, Jeff Prentice (guitarist/band leader) used to be on one of the Graham Bonnet forums on Yahoogroups and he talked about it a few times. (By the way, Jeff has a cool band called Outland that everyone should check out). I had to buy it so I got the cassette so I could listen in the car. Problem is I have nowhere to go that will last the tape’s length and I’m not going to sit in the driveway for 30+ minutes. Now I need a cassette deck…..

There’s a local store that we all used to go to as kids, Luke’s Record Exchange, they have a ton of old, sealed ’80s Metal cassettes for $5 each. Now I have the itch for some tapes…..just another thing to collect.

For more info on this album, click here.

5 comments on “Cassettes or tapes?

  1. I have bid on Predator on vinyl before, but been outbid. I own probably 250-300 albums (33 1/3) and maybe 40 singles (45s). I used to occasionly get albums on ebay, but it has become far more competitive. I did just recently win Vyper’s Prepared to strike on vinyl once I found out that the cd was out of stock at Retrospect. I bought an RCA stereo with 5CD changer, tuner and double cassette deck three years ago right after we bought our house. I also picked up an RCA turntable cheap at the same time.

  2. I had hundreds of tapes and tons of 45s. When I moved to where I live now, I gave both piles to my neighbour. I just wanted to get rid of the stuff and not move with it again.

    Today I could kick myself many times over. Some of the 45s I had command second-hand prices of $100 and more, many are/were very rare.

    I’m dumb.

  3. I have a lot of tapes and I did the same as you. I liked albums for the cover, sleeve, etc, but the tape was much more portable. Of course now I ended up re-buying a lot of them on CD.

    Either way, they are both better than 8-track!

  4. I have all my old tapes, except those that lost the little spring-loaded pad from the read head hole or those that got eaten and especially not my Iron Maiden Killers that’s probably still in my Camaro’s non-auto reverse deck that would not eject it…yes, I still know side A of Killers note-for-note, beat-by-beat and word-for-word, even if I haven’t heard it for a while. I have a great amorphous head Yamaha player. The extraneous sound is reminssssscent of my youth. I have 2 Peaches crates of albums and my original MCS direct-drive tPOPurntaPOPble (I was a cheapskate and didn’t get the belt drive, never had to replace a belt…suckers!). It’s connected to its original MCS amp and MCS speakers. The cassette deck konked out in the mid 80s. It was tired. At least it got to see the world first, well the world of hard rock and metal from Aerosmith, Armored Saint, ELP, Hendrix, LZ, JP, Schenker, Slayer to ZZ. I have no idea what you guys are talking about…GOT RID OF!!!??? I have over 2100 CDs and all of them ripped to high quality mp3 doesn’t even compare (in megabytes) to my younger nephew’s mp3 collection…about 8% and his is are all lower quality. He has no idea why I own CDs. DON’T LISTEN TO ‘EM. Enjoy your music the way you like it.

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