What album(s) would you like to see reissued?

There are a ton of out of print albums out there, many that had decent success in the Metal glory years of the 1980s. Some were on major labels, some were independently released. A lot of older albums never made it to CD format.

What album(s) would you like to see get reissued, remastered, and/or re-released?

1. I’d like to see the Hurricane back catalog re-released because there is obvious demand for the albums and the band was pretty good. Just do a search at Ebay and you’ll find the 3 albums going from $40-$100+ at times.

2. Boss – Step On It (1984, RCA) – This may not have been a Hard Rock masterpiece but I remember the ad for this album in Hit Parader or Circus and I wanted it. RCA never put this out on CD, not even for the Japanese market. Retrospect Records released this on CD but it’s pressed on a CDR. I’m suspect to buying it because I question why RCA would give up the rights, not that a re-release would fly off the racks. Check out Retrospect Records for some terrific, never released, indies.

3. Keel – Lay Down The Law (1984, Shrapnel) – Never released on CD, watch out for bootlegs! Shrapnel Records has a ton of albums that never got a CD release that people would buy.

I’m sure there’s a ton more that I will add to the Comments section later…..

8 comments on “What album(s) would you like to see reissued?

  1. I have Boss-Step on it from Retrospect. I was surprised to see an RCA artist released on Retropsect, but I believe they have announced an upcoming release by Mass who were also on RCA. It’s a decent album with a definite Def Leppard sound at time. The sound quality on this version is good. I would like to see Hurricane’s back catalog released as well. I would also like to see Trouble’s back catalog re-released as well as Tigertailz-Young and crazy, all three Deathrow cds and a number of albums from New Renaissance.

  2. I was always under the impression that, in order to re-release a major label release, you had to get permission from the company. In Boss’ case, RCA Records.

    Granted, sometimes a band member will buy the rights to the recordings from the label, or their contract already had that stipulation,. I just don’t see RCA giving the rights to an album to a small independent label. Plus it’s on a CDR. I might just pick up an original vinyl and burn a copy.

    Retrospect has good stuff though, check out the Mariah and Manilla Thrills. I’m pissed they sold out of Vyper before I could order.

  3. I am in the same boat about Vyper. However I did recently win the lp and the ep on vinyl from ebay. Mariah and Manilla Thrills both sounded good from the clips I heard. So far the best things I have heard off Retrospect have benn Axtion and Makbeth.

  4. I’d love to see the Ratt EP re-released.

    In terms of remasters, I have my Rush, I have my Judas Priest, I even picked up the remastered Crue. But I would still like to see all the Whitesnake albums remastered.

    — david

  5. Sometimes I wish we would get what the Japanese get because so many reissues/remasters happen for Japan only. I believe Whitesnake was remastered/reissued in Japan on LP replica paper sleeves in the last couple of years.

  6. Last year was good for re-releases because I was thrilled to pick up Tigertailz-Banzai and Bezerk plus the 2 on 1 Rouch Cutt disc from Wounded Bird. This year there hasn’t been a whole lot re-released that I have been interested in.

  7. Any of you remember these two bands MAINEEAXE and SHIRE great glam bands. don’t know if is a reissue of Maineeaxe but please need one of its album on CD.

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