Website Spotlight: Vibrations Of Doom website


Every now and then you run into a website that becomes an essential part of your online experience. If you’re like me, then you enjoy finding that old band, or old album, from Metal’s past that blows you away. The great thing about it is that you seem to be the only one in your circle of friends that’s ever heard of it! It’s the rarity and the thrill of the hunt…..

The good people at Vibrations Of Doom Magazine have taken treasures from the hunt and put them up on there website for all to hear. Under the “Classic Albums” section, you will find over 1000 albums that you can listen to. You aren’t able to download them to burn but you can listen. There are some extremely rare albums there. For all of you wondering what Heavy Load, Vyper, Trance, Axewitch, and Razor sound like…’s all there including the front artwork. It’s an excellent listen and research tool.

Aside from the “Classic Album” section, the site is also an online review magazine. Every few months a new issue is added full of reviews and some interviews. There is also a “Soundfiles” page for the current issue so you can sample tracks from the reviews and use your own judgement.

There’s also Doom Radio that you can tune into and enjoy. I haven’t gotten that far yet because I am still going thru the Classic Albums and adding to my WANT LIST.

I suggest checking it out.

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