Poison members involved in onstage fight – breakup?

In Atlanta the other night, Bret Michaels and Bobby Dall got into a bit of a scuffle at the end of their show. Bret threw his mic at Bobby, Bobby threw his bass at Bret (hit him in the leg), and then the fists came up. The road crew came out to break it up.

Bret came out after and apologized to the crowd saying that “it could be the last show for the original lineup”. There is a Youtube video here, it’s poor quality but you can see the green bass get thrown and Bret taking a “fighter’s stance”. If you head to Metal Sludge, they have a ton of email from people who were there, including video of Bret’s apology to the crowd.

26 comments on “Poison members involved in onstage fight – breakup?

  1. im sure they were both on drugs at the time a little messed up there both really nice guys i cant see this happening at all ! its very shocking i know bobby nice guy very normal and humble brets very sweet too but there in a rock band ! thats what they do fight! they have been together for 20 years what do u expect they will work it out im sure and mm poisonnn rockss

  2. I guess they found the thorn on their rose M I RITE!!!!!!!!!!

    (and for any newspaper entertainment writers out there, you can quote me on that without citing it.)

  3. I was at the concert right by the stage. The whole fight seemed to be fake to me even Brett’s apology seemed fake. The guys went on to finish the show and rocked!!!!

  4. amyc2324 – I’ve been thinking it’s staged as well. Every band does it, especially when attendance for their tours has gone down every year since 1999.

    If it is a real fight then they are trying to get to the end of the tour to honor contracts. It costs more money to cancel shows.

  5. Yo, Burdell. At what age does music go from “rockin’ ” to “sucks”? 3 years? 5 years?

    Good music is good music no matter how old. Unless you’re the type that confuses it with fashion. In that case I wonder if you wear ’60’s beehive hair and butterfly sunglasses.

    Get a life!

  6. Screw whatever happened at the Atlanta show (though it’d be funny as hell if they did break up). When they played in Virginia Beach, our local station FM 99, started giving away free Poison tickets every 9 minutes, for a WEEK before the show. Then the night of the show, they were advertising “Chicks get in free”. If you had a vagina, you got in free. How fucking pathetic is that?!?! I bet it was STILL empty. LOL!!

  7. sorry to break this to you haters but the last cinderella/poison show i went to about 2 years ago fucking rocked.

    i took my brothers to their first concert that night and we all had a kickass time and both bands sounded absolutely tight as fuck.

    deal with it.

  8. I have to say .. I am not a posion fan, but I went to the concert in Denver this past July.. I was there to see Cinderella – mainly.. I have to admit though Poison ROCKED!! I was very impressed with them especially after seeing Cinderella, Tom’s voice was causing him problems (so he said) so they did not do that many songs (or at least as many as I had hoped for)

    Anyway I have to give it up for posion, They looked great on stage, played great and I would go see them again .. also the stadium did not fill up until they took the stage

  9. For those of you who do not like Poison, Why are you bothering to write a comment? I have better things to do with my time than write about bands I don’t enjoy. I guess you have nothing better to do with your time. I just went to the poison concert, the ampitheater was just as crowded as it was for Aerosmith, Poison still rocks- you people that have nothing better to do with your time than put others down need to get a life!

  10. I CAN NOT believe this shit!!!! What the fuck is Bret & Bobby’s problems???????? They are one of the best bands in the world!!!! Myself and my husband just saw the “20 Years of Rock” show on July 28th up at DTE Energy Music Theatre and they kicked major ass!!!!
    We as fans CAN NOT loose POISON again! I love you guys!!! PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER!!!! Take a few days off to kool off! Don’t be another Motley Crue, (whom I also love!)and tour til you can’t stand each other. We love you guys! Please chill out!!!
    Trina (and the rest of your fans)

  11. OMG!!! ok…im 13 years old and poison is my FAVORITE BAND!!! ever since i was little. this right here totally makes me break down. i would hate to see it end the bad way! im saw them in concert in phoenix and bobby and bret were fine. but…things change.! hopefully their careers wont!

  12. omfg, i cant believe anyone still cares about these posers. If you are at a Poison show you are either in a town that has less than 25000 ppl, or you are a complete loser who has no friends, or both. get a fucking life already. They are has beens, and were a teeny bopper band at best when they were popular. I band that sold records to 14 year old girls doesnt make them relevant, now or in the past..what a bunch of jackoffs

  13. Jimmy – I saw the show in Tampa/St. Petersburg FLA and got my money’s worth, also saw them in Miami in 1986. CC put it best when he admitted Poison was a “shallow” band, but who the fuck cares. The 80’s was shallow too, I was a little different then (and way more wasted at the first show) but it was FUN. Ever heard of FUN? I didn’t go to hear a Rachmaninov concierto, I went for the tunes and the atmosphere. I live in a town with a pop near 1 million, have friends, and —unlike you=== a brain as well. Do you make more money than any of the members of Poison?

  14. Jimmy – I was a teenager when Poison came on the scene and, back then, they were big-time. Obviously, their brand of sugary sweet Hard Rock is not what you prefer but, some of us who experienced it first hand, like to take a trip down memory lane.

    Are they has beens? Most ’80s rockers past their prime are.

    Are they relevant now? No. Back then they were, they were a reflection of the times.

    what is interesting is that a bill like Poison/Cinderella can still manage to draw 7000 – 10,000 at outdoor arenas around the country while newer bands can’t even sell in a festival type atmosphere.

    You like what you like, that’s what matters.

  15. To all you guys that dont like poison go somewhere else you dont belong here.Poison rocks bottom line and sold almost 30 million records.I can bet alot of bands today havnt even sold 10% of that.Poison is not going anywhere anytime soon and as far as crowds go.I seen them in NC in front of 18,000 people.So shut the hell up already.Poison is a real band in it for the music not flaver of the month like todays music.Their music is about fun and having a good time.Something that u guys must no nothing about.Like poison says to all the poison haters glad we could help without us you would have to hate yourself.

  16. Hey You – Let’s not get too carried away with the album sales. If you look up the actuall album sales through Billboard or the RIAA, you will find that Poison as sold less than 10 million albums in the U.S., most of which was in their heyday.

    I can tell you that their first 4 albums and the 1st greatest hits comp has tallied most of the total. I’m sure that they sold more overseas but I doubt 30 million.

    That said, I like Poison and I have seen them live every tour since 1998. They do play to large crowds but please remember that some of the tickets are sold at rock bottom prices ($10 lawn seats) and many are given away in local areas for promotions. Also, Poison has made it a habit to bring people down from the lawn/general admission areas to the seats in order to make the crowd seem more full. I have seen them at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield every tour since they got back together and their attendance has gone from near sellout to barely filling the seats under the roof (about 7000-8000).

  17. I should have made myself more clear I apologize.I should not have said almost 30 million albums.Fact they have sold over 22 million worldwide and 25 million records and dvd’s worldwide.That’s not counting the new album best of poison.Which is almost certified gold which means half-million sold.As far as attendance goes I know its different everywhere some nights are smaller crowds then most.Bottom line the 2006 tour is averaging 20,000 attedance per night.All you have to do is go to wikipedia it has all the facts and anything you want to know about.It has everything from music to video games to actors and whatever you can think of.Also the only thing I was saying is they are still saleing out even though they have little t.v and radio time.Somehow they still pack em just from the name.

  18. LOL I laugh at all the dorks on here slamming on Poison. What are they doing on this site then? Could it be that they are closet Poison fan? When you are afraid to admit it they usually turn to rage? Or are they just typical assholes that love a good fight?

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