Shuffle mode – the “everyone else is doing it it” edition

Seems like the popular thing to do lately is put your MP3 player on Shuffle and post what comes up. Why should I be any different?

Tale of the tape:

Dell DJ 30 (1st gen)
2665 tracks
224 albums

Here’s the first 20 songs that came up (band-song-album):

  1. Judas Priest – Electric Eye  (’98 Live Meltdown)
  2. KISS – See You In Your Dreams  (Gene Simmons)
  3. KISS – I Still Love You (Unplugged)
  4. Def Leppard – Sorrow Is A Woman (On Through The Night)
  5. Triumph – Magic Power (Live at the US Festival)
  6. Queensryche – An Intentional Confrontation (Operation: Mindcrime II)
  7. Styx – Blue Collar Man (Greatest Hits)
  8. Scorpions – Blackout (World Wide Live)
  9. Mogg-Way – House Of Pain (Edge Of The World)
  10. Pantera – Power Metal (Power Metal)
  11. Krokus – She Drives Me Crazy (Stampede)
  12. Saxon – Circle Of Light (Unleash The Beast)
  13. Saxon – Burning Wheels (Dogs Of War)
  14. Alcatrazz – Dangerous Games (Dangerous Games)
  15. KISS – Parasite (Alive!)
  16. Judas Priest – Machine Man (Demolition)
  17. Saxon – Hungry Years (Strong Arm Of The Law)
  18. Westworld – Look To See (Cyberdreams)
  19. Billy Joel – The Stranger (Complete Hits Collection ’73-’97)
  20. Black Sabbath – The Wizard (Cross Purposes Live)

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