Alice Cooper – Live In Montreux 2005 DVD/CD (2005, Eagle Rock)

Alice Cooper - Live In Montreux 2005 DVD/CD

Alice Cooper – Live In Montreux 2005 DVD/CD (2005, Eagle Rock)

  1. Department Of Youth
  2. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  3. Dirty Diamonds
  4. Billion Dollar Babies
  5. Be My Lover
  6. Lost In America
  7. I Never Cry
  8. Woman Of Mass Distraction
  9. I’m Eighteen
  10. Between High School And Old School
  11. What Do You Want From Me
  12. Is It My Body
  13. Go To Hell
  14. The Black Widow
  15. Gimme
  16. Feed My Frankenstein
  17. Welcome To My Nightmare
  18. The Awakening
  19. Steven
  20. Only Women Bleed
  21. Ballad Of Dwight Fry
  22. Killer
  23. I Love The Dead
  24. School’s Out
  25. Poison
  26. Wish I Were Born In Beverly Hills
  27. Under My Wheels

Alice Cooper – Vocals
Ryan Roxie – Guitars
Damon Johnson – Guitars/Keyboards
Chuck Garric – Bass
Eric Singer – Drums
Calico Cooper – Dancer/Actress

Recorded at the Montreux Music & Jazz Festival in 2005

(Region 1, NTSC, Running Time = 93 mins)

Alice Cooper official website

Filmed on the Dirty Diamonds Tour in 2005, Live In Montreux is an excellent representation of the Alice Cooper show that has toured regularly within the last 8 years. You still get all the hits, the theatrical show, and full Alice experience. What makes the live show, and this DVD collection, is the musical performance. Alice’s backing band has been together on the road and in the studio for a few years now, Eric Singer joining Alice when his othe band (KISS) is on hiatus. The band’s performance is rock solid, providing the proper backing for Alice to be Alice and carve up the stage.

27 songs in 93 minutes…..pretty solid. Not much chatter with the audience, just music. The one pet peeve I have with the live shows lately is that a band has to stop between songs, intro it, chit-chat, etc. No one ever really just plays, rarely do I see a major show where the music just flows freely like the Alice Cooper show. The set is unique: all the necessary classics peppered with newer tunes from later albums like Dirty Diamonds, The Eyes Of Alice Cooper, Brutal Planet and Dragontown. Alice gives us the ’70s with the classics, the ’80s with tracks like Poison, and the current with Dirty Diamonds and Woman Of Mass Distraction. It’s a very good set, the newer songs fitting into the show easily.

No bonus footage or extras on this set, just the separate audio CD. Unfortunately, the CD is not the full setlist as the DVD, omitting tracks 13, 14, and 18 thru 23. Basically, the “performance” pieces are removed which is a shame because because you miss concert staples like Only Women Bleed and Ballad Of Dwight Fry. I bought this for the DVD, not the CD, although it’s a nice bonus. It sounds nice but I would rather view the whole set than listen to an abbreviated version.

All in all, a good concert DVD. If you can’t catch Alice on tour, or you don’t want to shell the $40+ for a ticket, then go check your local shop for this package for around $15.

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