New Quiet Riot album, Rehab, due in October

Quiet Riot are releasing a new album in early October, titled Rehab.

Quiet Riot - Rehab front cover

The current lineup of Quiet Riot is : Kevin DuBrow (Vocals), Frankie Banali (Drums), Alex Grossi (Guitars) And Chuck Wright (Bass)

Guest musicians and friends on Rehab include Glenn Hughes (Vocals), Tony Franklin (Bass), and Neil Citron (Guitars).

I always have had a soft spot for Quiet Riot and I thought that their last studio album, Guilty Pleasures, was a solid record. Add this one to the ever growing list of new releases this Fall.

5 comments on “New Quiet Riot album, Rehab, due in October

  1. I’m still a sucker for ’80s bands like Quiet Riot. I’ll have this day of release. What will be interesting is hearing Glenn Hughes singing with Kevin DuBrow. From what I’ve read, they’re pretty good friends.

    If they stay in the vein of catchy Hard rock (like Guilty Pleasures), it will be a good album.

  2. I’m curious, too. I think I’d like it better if Tony Franklin were on all of the album; he’s one of the least appreciated but most solid bassists in hard rock.

    — david

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