Metal on hold?

The last two weeks have been really hard to get through. Between work getting busier, soccer, my first cold of the season and house-hunting, I’ve been really run down. I hate to say that listening to Metal, and writing here, has taken a little hiatus.

Now all Metal hasn’t gone on hold, the new Iron Maiden and Motorhead albums are still getting many spins around the house but I haven’t really felt like spinning the amount of discs I normally do. I’ve been so tired lately that putting on my Dell DJ at work seems like too much effort. Forget picking up the guitar either. I just haven’t had the energy or the time to sit down and practice. I also have a few music DVDs and some taped episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels to watch.

Music isn’t the only thing that has a hold on it. I’m finding it hard to play Madden 07. I usually play a game to unwind (with a CD on of course!) but I just haven’t had the energy. The only thing I have kept up with is spending as much time outside with the kids as I can to soak in the good weather, it’ll be gone in a few weeks.

The house-hunting has been very productive. We saw many properties and we finally settled on one and put in an offer. Offer accepted! I close by Halloween so I am probably missing both Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper on tour this Fall. We started packing our apartment but we are a long way off. My wife has wanted to pack up my CDs but I won’t do it until the last minute. I really don’t want to pack them, it’s a pain in the ass! 2000+ CDs, and all the DVDs, and all the box sets… will be major work.

So how do I spell relief?
T-H-I-S W-E-E-K-E-N-D.

This coming weekend is my first full weekend off from work since the 1st week of February…..

Saturday night – Def Leppard/Journey concert (Jeff Scott Soto with Journey).
Sunday night – Pats Vs. Broncos at the stadium
Monday – vacation day with nothing to do

My only other plan is to pick up the new Mastodon album that came out last week and put it in rotation with Maiden and Motorhead. I have the new Taz Taylor Band CD and a classic from Q5 – Steel The Light (High Vaultage reissue) waiting for first spins. Hopefully, I will get some much needed sleep and be up to speed by tomorrow.

<<goes to the mailbox>>

The new issue (#99) of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles just arrived in my mailbox, just what I needed. Nothing is better than getting a fresh Metal mag in the mail to rekindle the fire!

4 comments on “Metal on hold?

  1. I heard one track by Q5 off of Hit Parader’s Wild Bunch compilation in 1985. I remember liking it. The Patriots should have no problems with the Broncos because Denver is playing horrible. I think they were worse in their win then they were in their opening day loss. Congratulations on the house. We lived in a bit of a dump for four years before having a house built.

  2. Hey, congrats on the house! That’s great news … the stress of haggling over an offer would add to your tension. I hope it’s even better than you anticipate to settle in there.

    I don’t recall if you were visiting me back in July, but I did a review of the first Def Leppard/Journey show where Jeff Scott Soto took over lead vox. You can find it here if you want to read it.

    I think you’ll enjoy the show. A few awful moments, like “Let’s Get Rocked,” but overall a fun time.

    Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like you deserve a break!!

    — david

  3. Hey rhodeislandrock,

    ..just discovered your blog and am very much enjoying reading it – keep up the good work..!!

    cheers from the UK

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