The “I’m too busy to listen to Metal” playlist – 9/19/06

I know, I know…..I said Metal has been “on hold” lately but I had a slow night at work last night and I have been off duty from packing today so I caught up on some listening…..

Q5 – Steel the Light (1984/2000, High Vaultage reissue) – This has been on my want list for awhile. High Vaultage reissues some great albums with nice packaging and bonuses so most of there releases are on my list. I’ve given this 2 spins of only the original tracks, not the 7 bonus tracks. I wanted to listen to the album first, then the whole package. This seems to be a highly regarded debut from reviews I’ve read, so far I’m not disappointed.

Def Leppard – On Through The Night (1980), High’n Dry (1981), Pyromania (1983), Hysteria (1987), and Adrenalize (1991) – Last night at work I decided to start at the debut and go as far as I could before the headphones had to come off. Def Leppard made some of the most memorable and recognizable music from the 1980s/1990s but the quality depends on the listener. I’m going to the Def Lep/Journey show Saturday so I wanted to listen to some Def Lep to get geared up. I doubt they will be as good promoting Yeah! as the did in concert for X. On the X tour, they came out and played High’n Dry in order, in full. Sad that I was the only one in the 3rd row singing every word, at least until ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak’.

Krokus – Headhunter (1983) – Thanks to Metal Mark I am listening to Krokus right now. Metal Mark wrote a review of Headhunter (posted today) and there have been plenty of comments, including mine. This is easily Krokus’ pinnacle in a long career. Fave track: ‘Eat The Rich’

On deck:

The Sword – Age Of Winters (2006) – I really wanted this slice of Doom Metal after I read many glowing reviews. I’ve given this some spins but I still haven’t given a critical listen.

6 comments on “The “I’m too busy to listen to Metal” playlist – 9/19/06

  1. I’ve watched the Q5 CD go for over $30 as well, mostly thru international sellers.Usually, I just order my High Vaultage releases thru Sentinel Steel (excellent webshop!) but the Q5 was out of print. One of my favorite Ebay sellers (Heavy Metal Museum) listed this disc at $16 BUY IT NOW + shipping. I got it for $19 total and am psyched.

  2. Although Hysteria still had some great moments, the band started to lose me there … and I didn’t even buy Adrenalize. I’m glad you’ve found some time to listen to music again.

    — david

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