Quick thoughts on the new Iron Maiden album

I’ve been playing the new Iron Maiden album, A Matter Of Life And Death, non-stop for 2 days.

My initial reaction: It’s pretty good.

Sure there are some longer songs, epics if you will, but the album is still good. Very progressive, probably coming from the early influences the guys had growing up.

The first 4 songs smoke, especially ‘Brighter Than A Thousand Suns’. Bruce putting in a fine vocal performance here.

I will give this a full review soon but I want to sit on it, give many more spins, and really enjoy all the subtleties the album offers.

Christine Sixteen 2 latest press release

From Patrice Beaudette:

Official Press Release – Kid drummer sensation, Angelo Coppola, to guest star on Christine Sixteen 2

I’m very proud to announce that kid wonder Angelo Coppola will join the teens of Christine Sixteen on drums for two songs on there upcoming CD. Like other musical geniuses before him, the talent of Angelo Coppola was obvious at an early age.  He recently appeared, at age 9, on the TV show AMERICA’S MOST TALENTED KIDS, where he got an ovation after playing ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE on drums.Since then, he recorded and released his first CD, entitled POUND FOR POUND, which is available at his website: http://angelocoppola.home.comcast.net/.  You can also go to: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=75899340 to view his amazing talent in some videos, including a medley of KISS songs.

All the teenagers of CHRISTINE SIXTEEN are very excited and proud to welcome Angelo in the CHRISTINE SIXTEEN tribute family.  With Angelo now on board, we can really say that KISS, and our project, reaches more and more generations.

Christine Sixteen website

New Release Tuesday – 9/5/06 – I’m back and so is Iron Maiden!

This weekend was extremely busy at work so I didn’t have much time to put the headphones on and enjoy the new Motorhead album.

My fantasy football draft was Saturday. I’m defending champ so I showed up, trophy in hand, to start my title defense. That killed Saturday until 2pm.

My daughter’s birthday party was on the holiday so we spent the afternoon Saturday and most of Sunday running errands and preparing all the party fare. Not much time was left for some good old fashioned Metal and blogging.

So, after a few days off from the computer and stereo, I’m back. I scored the new Iron Maiden album, A Matter Of Life And Death, for $11.88. Not a bad price for a CD/DVD combo. I passed on the CD single for The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg for $8 as I always seem to acquire the Maiden singles on Ebay a few months later at a better price. I also passed on Blind Guardian’s new album because the last couple of albums have left me cold.

I ordered the new Taz Taylor BandWelcome To America from NEH Records. It should be in any day now. Any album with Graham Bonnet on vocals is going to be good so i expect Taz Taylor to be, the reviews have been excellent.

Hopefully, I will have a Motorhead review up by the end of the week. I’d also like to get a Maiden review out too while it’s fresh in everyone’s mind.

The NFL season starts Sunday and I will be at Gillette Stadium watching my Patriots destroy the Bills. I’ve been a season ticket holder since 1992 and going to the games on Sundays are a great way to unwind and pig out on barbeque. I’ll post some NFL and Fantasy Football throughout the season.

Paul Stanley denies KISS/Queen + Paul Rodgers tour rumors

From KISS Kollector:

KISSonline is reporting that according to Paul Stanley there are currently no plans for KISS to tour with Queen + Paul Rodgers, or to tour at all – although Gene Simmons mentioned a KISS/Queen tour for 2007 on a US radio station the other day (and although Paul himself stated during the grand opening of the KISS Coffeehouse that KISS would tour again next year). Paul told the official KISS site: “While the guys and I are huge fans and friends of Queen and Paul Rodgers, and touring together would be great… no KISS tour plans with or without Queen are currently in the works.”

However, a Paul Stanley solo tour to promote his new solo album Live To Win – which is scheduled for October 23/24 – is actually in the works. KISSonline states: “One Tour that is in the works, is the Paul Stanley Live To Win Tour which will kick off in late October with 15-20 shows planned across the US. KISSonline will bring you the Tour dates as soon as they are available.”


So Gene lets the cat out of the bag and his partner, Paul Stanley, refutes the claim. Such is the world of KISS, post-Reunion. Gene Simmons is the man when it comes to promoting KISS but, I believe I have read that, he must consult with Paul Stanley on all issues related to KISS business. Gene can advertise, he can market, he can even license products without Paul but he needs to consult with Paul when it comes to recording, touring, and business issues. Granted, I am not a member of KISS, nor am I privy to any business information, but I do know that the Simmons/Stanley duo are the primary members and owners of the KISS company.

That stated, is the tour true? Maybe Gene was boasting and got carried away. Maybe things behind the scenes aren’t ready for an announcement and Paul wants to squash things before they get out of hand. Who knows?

I will be first in line for Paul’s solo tour if it comes close to Rhode Island, maybe Boston?