CD Scavenger Hunt – “The packed in boxes & KISSology” Edition

Just a quick update to let you all know what’s happening with the move, the house, the boxes!

The house….. 

We are totally moved. The old apartment has been cleaned by the wonderful crew we hired and the only thing left to grab there is my tailgating equipment for the Patriots games. Pats vs. Colts Sunday night……go Pats!

The unpacking has gone extremely smooth. Both my daughters’ rooms are done, the kitchen is done, and my new double living room is done. The master suite upstairs is a mess but that is the focus this weekend. I still have no solution for storing my CDs though. The cases I have are over 6 ft tall and they won’t fit upstairs due to the slants with the ceilings. That’s another project over vacation.


With all the CDs packed in boxes, I’ve been limited to the new Paul Stanley solo album, the latest from Quiet Riot, Mastodon, and UFO. I found my Black Sabbath box set (Ozzy era) and that has had a ton of play.

I went out and bought the new Hammerfall disc, THRESHOLD, and the Ace Frehley – GREATEST HITS LIVE! for ten bucks each. I also grabbed the new Iced Earth DVD, ALIVE IN ATHENS. My biggest purchase was the new KISSOLOGY set from KISS. If you’ve read my blog long enough you know I’m a KISS diehard, so I will answer the question before it’s asked:

Yes, I did buy all three versions!

I started at Wal-Mart for their exclusive bonus disc. (I hate Wal-Mart. I don’t like going in unless forced. I’m a Union worker and Wal-Mart destroys Union jobs…..Ok, another rant for another time)

I went to Best Buy next for their bonus disc and then to Newbury Comics for the regular set that has a 3rd version of the bonus DVD. So Gene and Paul got me to buy three times totalling $60. That’s actually not bad compared to what I’ve been known to hand over to Mr. $immons and Mr. Stanley. Couldn’t make Paul’s show in NYC, if he came to Boston I’d have been there.


I have some great ideas to write about but the focus I have is the Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath and the Quiet Riot Career Review, which will end with a full review of their new album, REHAB. I might do the Martin-era Sabbath as a full week or a Career Review, not sure. I would also like to get the new Krokus reviewed and the new Hammerfall, maybe a DVD review in there too. KISSOLOGY has to wait because I need the time to really enjoy it and be the fanboy I am. Once I start unpacking my collection into their new storage home, I am going to pull out some moldy oldies to review. Meanwhile, keep the comments coming!



7 comments on “CD Scavenger Hunt – “The packed in boxes & KISSology” Edition

  1. You sound busy … I look forward to your Hammerfall review. I like their earlier stuff, but have been a little wary of the new stuff. Being imports makes them quite expensive too and I really have to like it to buy it.

  2. I love the new HAMMERFALL album. In my opinion far better then CHAPTER V. Together with their first two albums, THRESHOLD is my fave by the band.
    You spend a lot of money on KISS. Thats cool. I respect people like you that still spend money on new releases (metal cd´s+dvd´s). So many people only download all the time. I am against that and only buy. Together we will keep our movement alive. Take care.

  3. I’m behind on the Hammerfall review, it hasn’t had proper listens. From what I’ve heard so far, it’s better than the last 3 Hammerfall albums.

    Rene – I spend a lot of money on music. KISS being my favorite, they get a little more money when new product is out but so do my other favorites (Saxon, UFO, Judas Priest). I buy CDs and DVDs because I am a collector and I like the physical interaction with the album.

    I have downloaded a few things, demos and things unavailable on vinyl/cassette/CD/DVD. If I preview an album online, I never actually download it, I just listen. I believe in supporting the bands and the scene.

  4. Very good brother, thats why i respect you so much and love to read your blog and to be honest its the only one i read.
    I also only buy cd´s/dvd´s. Before i always bought many vinyls too but no space anymore lol. I also believe in supporting the bands and the scene. If everybody where like you and me, our movement would be better. Stay this way and hail forever!!!!!!

  5. Rene – I’m glad you enjoy my site, thank you for stopping by. Come January, it will be a year doing this. The best part of it is the ability to convey my opinions and the debates/discussions that come about.

    I am just now starting to buy vinyl, mostly out of print and rare albums that will never see a proper CD release.

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